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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 13, 2013 3:00am-7:00am PST

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>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, january 13th, i'm alisyn camerota. thank you for joining us today. the state of new york declaring a state of emergency on the flu as it spreads. where it's getting worse. >> tucker: who is really influencing the white house when it comes to gun control legislation. here is a hint, it's not the n.r.a., but it might be a liberal think tank. more on that coming up. >> an exciting night at the miss america pageant. there she is. >> your new miss america is... miss new york. >> how about that, 23-year-old mallory, why are they always surprised? it's a 50/50 chance.
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"fox & friends" sunday morning the first hour starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, everybody, thanks so much for joining us, great to be here with tucker carlson, mike jerrick. >> tucker: hi, ali. >> good morning. >> tucker: why is the look always. >> alisyn: what jo the miss america, it's patented. >> alisyn: is it always the person on the right side who wins? the stage manager is in charge, i think. >> alisyn: and we'll give you more on that, but first the headlines and tell you exactly what's happening at this hour, overnight egyptian president mubarak getting a second chaps chance the at freedom. a court has given up the-- the no date has been set for
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the retrial. the government wants to help people get vaccinated, temporarily banning pharmacies from vaccinating people under the age 18. and now they'll give shots to kids six months and older. but with the levels and vaccination shortage nationwide. some are waiting in long lines like you're seeing to get the shots. italian coast guard releasing brand new rescue video from the night of the costa concordia disaster. one year ago that the cruise ship sank. look at the video, after crashing into a bed of rocks over the coast in italy you see passengers in life jackets climbing down the ladder to rescue boats and today, this is the scene here, coming up at 6:20 eastern, two survivors who will join us live and
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share with us their firsthand account of that terrifying ordeal. >> this was stunning, i bet you watched the first game. any football fan who watched the ravens game. >> clayton:. >> under a minute. flacco, somehow got behind the defense in overtime, peyton manning forces this pass and intercepted, and six plays later, and now, in double overtime the ravens kick a game winning 47 yard field goal to stun the broncos, 38- 38-35. and then from san francisco, 49ers qb, kaepernick, rushing, 181 yards and two touchdowns, and had the the game of his lifetime. those are your headlines. >> thank you very much.
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i would have had to have read that phonetically. >> kaepernick? >> yes, let's check with rick reichmuth. >> rick: the dangers of early morning tv, i fell asleep right at double overtime, i have no how it happened, but i woke up when the game was done, i was bummed. warm across the southeast, enjoy it, this is all about to change and once it goes away, it's gone for a long time. the cold air across the west will replace it and the warm air up to the west and that's going to be a bit of a change that's going to be happening, another very cold morning out to the west and factor in the wind and it's brutal out there. minus 17, and minus 24 in glasgow and a lot of cold air still there, but it's a slow mover. anything to the east of this is where it's warmer, and to the west it's cold and not really precipitation on either side of that. but this rain here and sometimes will be heavy again today, causing a little bit of flash flooding and see the
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cold air behind it, snow and flurries, some of it headed to the kansas city area and the northern plains and northern great lakes, not the northern plains, but the rain showers may be crossing over into a little bit of snow across lower michigan later on today. the high temperatures not warm at all. well below freezing and only 48 today in the phoenix area. tomorrow remaining cold, a number of cold days across the west and slow moving front moves up to the east. all right, guys. >> alisyn: thanks, rick. >> tucker: who is influencing the gun control in washington? the n.r.a., whether you degree with them or not, one of the largest grass roots, many of them democrat and bipartisan organization, and pennsylvania has more n.r.a. members than the united states. the white house apparently
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taking cues from the center of american progress by the former chief of staff of bill clinton and they have a 13-point list of gun control proposals that they thought through many years ago they're handing to the white house and apparently, according to the post, the white house likely to act on a lot of these. >> we can't get through all 14, universal background check, making military grade assault weapons, ban those, high capacity magazines we do that, and modernize data systems, track gun sales and enforcing existing laws, pretty standard enough, but a list of 13. >> alisyn: yeah, one of the things they are suggesting which will probably anger many people listening, if the president can't get widespread support for some of these proposals, that he act on executive order, in other words, unilaterally, and that would be unfortunate. who knows what the vice-president is going to propose on tuesday when he comes out with proposals, if
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it turned out that the president were just to steam roll over people and act unilaterally, that, that feels wrong, because if there was ever a time nationally that people are open and receptive to making some sort of fundamental change for the safety of kids, so that newtown never happens again, it's right now. >> wouldn't that be a time to invoke executive action if you're ever going to do it it, maybe now would be the time. >> alisyn: i don't think you need to. >> tucker: what you don't want if you're the president is to have a national debate on the subject because there's no evidence, never been any evidence, i mean data evidence, social science that shows at that guns control reduces crime. if you would get it through congress you would have adults talking about it in public and that's messy and unfortunate and difficult. >> what we want. >> tucker: it's easier to force through on executive order. >> alisyn: we shall see if that's what their plan is and we'll talk more about what the center for american progress proposed. you know the story of the
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journal news, at that published the names and addresses legal gun owners our own judge jeanine pirro was on that list, last night on her show, she just-- well, first what she did was send one of other producers to the journal news to try to get answers for why they did this. let's see what happened when the producer showed up. >> why won't you talk to us? can you tell me why you guys released the names of the gun owners? >> i'm sorry i'm on the phone. >> janet-- as you can see, we have door slammed right in our face. >> so not terribly receptive to having a conversation and to explaining what their rational was. >> tucker: we already know the rational and judge pirro i thought put it pretty eloquently on her show, the rational was to make a political statement, basically editorial about guns and tie legal gun owners to whack-jobs
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which kill children which she pointed out specious, outrageous comparison. >> if you didn't hear it why don't we play a piece of it right now. >> you think it's important to out us in the aftermath of the newtown shooting? how dare you connect law abiding citizens who have gone through rigorous background checks, fingerprinted, investigated and received judicial approval to exercise their second rights. how dare you compare them to a nut-job on the lunatic fringe in desperate need of medication, playing violent video games for days at a time. this animal massacred innocent babies, he didn't have a pistol permit. he didn't go through a rigorous background check to get a pistol permit. he took someone else's gun and good night way, although it's none of your business, there's a reason people have guns. we don't need your sanctimonious permission. and you dare put our families
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in danger? you pry into our lives? you put our privacy and security and our safety in jeopardy and then you have nothing to say? how about i say it for you. you're nothing, but a bunch of cowards, unwilling to defend yourselves, frozen in fear, you screwed up period. end of story. >> alisyn: there you go. a very compelling argument and she was obviously framing it to terry mcbride the journal news editor and the owner, this one janet-- i'm sorry, president and publisher the people as we understand who decided to put the james and addresses out there and won't engage in conversation with judge jeanine or anyone else about their decision. so the judge took to her show and she talked about at least her reason for having it, she was a judge and yes, she put people behind bars and they will get out and could be seeking some sort of retribution. >> and you gave a road map to
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criminals, okay, they have a gun, they have a gun, they don't we'll rob their house, but it's none of their business in the first place. >> tucker: one of the great divides in this country is those in power, office holders who have body guards and the rest of us rely on 911 when something bad happens. i had a great e-mail from one of the viewers, maybe the people passing the law ought to rely on 911 for their safety and for their families, too, and see how they like it, not a bad idea. >> alisyn: the level playing field, even the celebrities in hollywood who rail defenagainstn laws. >> they have protection. >> alisyn: and everybody rails against it, nobody can it guns except our body guards, they're equipped because they're trustworthy. >> tucker: if you're delivering milk to a bodega at three in the morning in a crumby neighborhood and a lot of people in new york city are, facing a real risk of armed robbery and putting your
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life on the line every day not allowed to have a gun. and if you're in some stupid sit com, and you are. >> or a woman's magazine is claiming it's going to power women. why is the editor mocking women who choose to have a gun. >> tucker: looks like x-factor didn't work out, but vegas may be ahead. and peeve the details, they're juicy of course. ♪ ♪ drown it out. introducing e all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit.
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>> the independent women's harsh criticism over its views op gun rights for women.
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>> tucker: and that criticism came from one of the largest women's magazines in this country, clamor. and here is more is fox news contributor. what did glamour say about the iwf decision on guns? >> limiting magazines-- ammunition magazine for women at home with their children, and without their husband. the georgia case had five rounds in the handgun and shot the intruder and didn't walk away dead, he walked away alive. and glamour got this statement and responded saying it was strange, and that it was only intended to cause problems and antagonize the debate rather than add to it. >> alisyn: in fact, sorry to interrupt you, i want to show you exactly what glamour's deputy editor responded. here it is. please unsubscribe me to your
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strange sensationlizing polemics. some people feel they need a gun for protection and empowerment. >> here name is lauren lanotti, the deputy editor at glamour, said not only strange, but used for maximum agitation, considering that glamour magazine dives into political all the time, seems they would want the debate. more women than ever are interested in having concealed carry permits defending themselves in their homes and the iwf statement came from someone who is at home a lot, her husband is overseas fighting for my freedom and theirs, she feels she needs more than five bullets in her handgun to defend herself and two young children. this is something that glamour magazine didn't seem to be interested in, if they run crime stories in their
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magazine all the time. it seems like they'd be interested in at least the side of the story where women are willing to defend themselves in their homes with a firearm. >> it's hard to see what the argument is against women arming themselves. they basically commit zero crimes against strangers and aren't prone to shopping up shopping mall. it seems a way to empower and equallize the situation. why would you not be for that? >> well, and that's the question about glamour magazine, is whether you want to believe it or not. women are not as strong as men and guns serve as a great equalizing, when it comes to home invasions. women who stay at home often have very young children and it's difficult to make sure they're in a safe place while you're defending them and yourself against an intruder and the firearm is the easiest way to make sure there's no harm done to yourself and your children. >> i met a woman two years ago at the national rifle association, and anti-gun
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until a man broke into her son's bedroom at night and the only thing she had to fight back as a bottle of kitchen spray and a knife and she now understands the importance of defending yourself and your children inside your home. and glamour magazine didn't look at it as a home defense rather than-- >> and glamour lip gloss and tips for looking sexy, but they do look at other political issues. thank you for looking at that for us this morning. >> thank you. >> tucker: a year ago today, the costa concordia crashed and sank off the coast of italy. and up next, two survivors join us. >> alisyn: a new miss america crowned last night and we'll show you more of the crowning
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>> quick headlines for you, a bird strike forced a jet blue plane to turn around after it took off from new york's jfk airport. the plane headed to the dominican republic was hit by a bird on the nose of the plane. it was inspected and took off two hours later. and the trial of mohammed mahmoud, accused of planning to bomb the tree lighting ceremony. prosecutors say he was a radical determined to pull off that plot.
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>> mike: the one year anniversary of the tragic costa concordia ship wreck off the island in giglio in italy. a day that will forever leave a mark on those who lost loved ones and others that were there hours on end. joining us for a firsthand account, and recorded the disaster themselves. and welcome to "fox & friends." let's go back a year ago. why were you on the ship in the first place. what were you celebrating. >> this was our honeymoon, actually. >> mike: where were you when it rolled over on its side, the ship. >> we were in our cabin looking through some of our photos from a day spent in rome and we heard kind of a soft, dull sound coming from behind us. and then the whole roomarted le side. wine glass, wine bottles fell off the table, the tv started
3:25 am
sliding out of the cabinet. >> mike: emily, what did you think was happening. >> i thought. i asked benji, maybe a really big wave. he said i don't think so. >> mike: did you think of the "titanic" instantly. >> we thought of the "titanic" as we were trying to escape from the ship. we thought about jumping into the water and how that would give us risk of hypothermia and we thought about if the ship continuing sinking, then we might get pulled under by the suction of the sinking, so, ironically, we were thinking about the "titanic" the whole time. >> mike: of course. now, you're scrambling around and we've seen the video of people banging into each other. did you ever make it to a life boat? >> we made it to a life boat and as our life boat was being lowered down to the water, it kept banging into the ship because the ship was leaning over so severely, our life boat couldn't go down and
3:26 am
hauled it up and we got back out on to the ship. so, 23 of the 26 life boats deployed, but there were three life boats that didn't so between three and 500 people were left behind, and we were included in that. >> mike: well, emily, of course, you're here a year later. how did you eventually get off of the ship? >> we eventually got off the ship by tieing knots on ropes and rappelled down the side of the cruiseliner. >> mike: what in the world-- well, now you've documented this in abandon ship, this book and emily you put a cd together. emily, how are you feeling on the anniversary? >> it has been a really intense and emotional year. benji and i got ptsd therapy for months and try to rebuild our lives and see if maybe the tragedy was a way for us to
3:27 am
make meaning and make changes in our lives. so, it's been really emotional because we just finished our project and now sharing it with the world, saying to the world, sometimes terrible things happen to good people and we can make meaning out of it. >> yeah. one of the things i was trying to do with this book is i wanted to tell the story of our escape from the ship, climbing down this rope and getting trapped in a stairwell and just the horror of knowing that water was rushing into the ship. but i also wanted to tell the story of us trying to get help from the american embassy and getting basically no help from n them at all and story of us getting back home. >> mike: well, are you closer now? >> yeah, i actually have a wonderful story to tell. when we were -- when we went up to the fourth deck waiting for life boats and everyone
3:28 am
was pushing and frightened. we were at the back of the line and i looked at everyone pushing and i looked at benji and said, hey, i don't want to push, is that okay with you? he said, yeah, it's okay with me, i said okay, that means we might not get on the life boat, and then we'll die and then he said, okay, that's okay with me. and this is when i knew, i married my soulmate and through this year, really, it's reconfirmed our love and commitment for each other. >> mike: my goodness. >> we've never been closer. after having gone through an experience like this and coming home and working on the process of creating something from it, trying to make something meaningful and something hopefully beautiful and sharing that with the world, and we've been united in this since. >> mike: and the book, the book and the cd are beautiful. you've accomplished that. real quickly, benji, what do you think of the captain?
3:29 am
he took a lot of heat afterwards, rightfully so? >> our opinion of the captain is probably a little surprising. we think he's a fool who made a mistake and put a lot of lives at risk and ultimately 32 people lost their lives on his mistake. >> mike: kind of showing off. but it was a mistake and we think that the responsibility flows upward into the cruise company and we think the captain at this point his life is basically ruined and never set foot on a ship again. >> mike: it is. >> we'd like to see the responsibility taken up the chain and you know, there are seven people at costa cruises who are also under investigation. >> mike: speaking of being on ship again, and setting foot. were you ever go on a cruise again? >> that's tough to say. i don't know that we would necessarily rule that out, but one of the things that we
3:30 am
gained from our ptsd therapy we're not going to rule out it go something like that. >> mike: you're a great couple and cute together. awe thr getting up early. >> thank you for having us. >> mike: check out the book and cd. have you ever heard of this one, a teacher with a fear of children? we'll he tell you now why she's suing her school district for discrimination. she's afraid of the kids. plus, it's fast and it's fit, i'm talking about a new fitness program especially for women and you'll probably recognize the woman who has put it altogether. yeah, she's number nine from deal or no deal! i remember you! meet her after the break. ♪
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3:34 am
audience, quote, i'm here to make the crutches look good. >> mission accomplished. >> tucker: she didn't win. >> alisyn: no. >> tucker: and i would have voted for her, she was spirited. >> mike: the real winner is miss new york, miss america. and valerie was crowned new miss america. and gretchen carlson was in the miss america pageant. >> alisyn: and she won. >> what did your gown look the night you won. >> this was the 80's, and the gowns wade 20 pounds and full of beads. and go with your gut. and everyone said you had to wear white to win, but i chose blue. >> go with your gut and it's never a-- >> i chose blue and i felt good in this. >> alisyn: you look good. somebody give him a crown and now in partnership with the miss america organization, a dvd, fast fitness, is to help
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every woman feel like here's a pageant queen or at least in supermodel shape. >> mike: one of the models used to be known as a briefcase girl on deal or no deal. she was briefcase number nine, but she's with us today. how patricia? >> good morning. >> how are you doing. >> doing well. >> why are we standing so far away. >> are you ready for the workout? >> yes. >> and a woman in her 40's trying to keep girlish figure. >> do a lot of movement and activity and i have some moves here that we can work on together. >> i've seen the dvd. could we start with the pelvis circles. >> i heard you were watching it all night and you were going to teach us everything this morning. >> mike: i have it on a loop. >> the pelvic circles like a hulahoop, basically, are you ready. >> we're ready, start moving forward with the hips, just going in slow motion, and we're opening-- and everybody at home.
3:36 am
get up off the couch and do this, mike, you are so good at this and the other way. >> mike: oh, the other way. >> if you're going to do it one way. >> what's it doing? >> opening everything up. >> waiting for you to make some sort of comment. >> tucker: i feel more cleansed in clothes than ever. >> we'll move on while you open yourself up and do some of the alternate punches. >> good. >> guys i know you're going to love this. and you're going to go forward, forward, and up overhead, and overhead. >> alisyn: this is it. >> the jobs. >> what's this going, arms. >> no, it's working your thighs, really. >> don't question-- come on, you're mocked by the guest. >> no. >> really, how much of this do you have to do to see some arm definition. >> you'll start seeing a definition right away. if you keep at it, you can't do it one time and even
3:37 am
quicker shots, quicker shots. >> tucker: jabs. >> come on, come on. >> a girly man. >> are you with us this morning? come on, fast fitness. >> and what's fast feet. one of my favorites. >> oh, yeah. >> like had a football drill and then move to the side and work everything, you're getting a full body workout. amazing. and are we doing hammer time? >> yeah, hammer time. >> and one of the last movements, you're going to love it, it's the jumping jack. >> alisyn: those are hard, how many do you do. >> i do quite a bit normally. >> tucker: no, stop bragging, you can tell us. >> about a hundred. >> what? >> if i'm watching commercials i'll do my jumping jacks, i really do, like if i'm at home, hanging out. now, i do my jumping jacks, with the dvd, you're doing the movement. >> i'm on my way. >> where do we get the dvd.
3:38 am
>> i'm out of breath g to miss, or go to deal with your body fast and amazon. >> alisyn: and $1 from every sale goes to-- >> the miss america scholarship. >> and go to the dairy queen-- >> how did you know. >> you have the poise. >> and thanks so much for having me on, fast fitness. >> rick, what do you have for weather outside? >> you know, i've got a little inspired by mike. didn't work, didn't work, i still feel flabby, i don't like it. right now as you're waking up, this is the rain and snow the last 24 hours, falling in the same spot for the most part. in addition to 12 inches of rain, across louisiana last week, big flooding concerns,
3:39 am
take a look where the watches and warnings are, we've got 134 states that have flood concerns and hit that map one more time. you can sigh the map across the areas of the south and the areas that have flash flood watches or warnings going on right now in the purple and goes all the way in towards the great lakes as well. anywhere to the east then, we've got fog today and that's what we're going to see in your forecast, the low cloudy sky kind of like yesterday. temps held a little cooler than i think we thought we were going to get to because the cloud cover stayed thicker than we thought it would be as well and not bad at all. down to the southeast, temps are looking quite warm. enjoy it for a couple more days in the southeast and eventually cool down and you can see that 34 in oklahoma city and might see he snow flurries there. into the northern plains, another extremely cold aagain, a number of these cold days lined up. in fact, really cold air is going to continue to funnel into the northern plains and into the great lakes over about the next two weeks, so
3:40 am
winter is certainly firmly in hold. across the west. we'll start to see temps, cold and sunshine, the next days, temperatures are going to be nice. back to you inside. >> alisyn: good news on the condition of the former president george h.w. bush. a spokesman said he could be released from the houston hospital this week. bush's son jeb is more optimistic thinking his father will go back home tomorrow. 88-year-old was admitted in november for a bronchitis related cough. robert f. kennedy, jr. speaking out saying not all the kennedys believe that jfk was shot by one shooter. his not agree with all.
3:41 am
and that lee harvey oswald did not act alone and britney spears planning a move to sin city. ♪ >> and tmz reporting that the pop star is close to inking a huge deal. could get more than 100 million dollars a year? what? 100 million dollars a year. life looking up, the former x-factor judge, well, she actually just recently split with her fiance as you know. >> yes, 48 hours ago. you know-- >> oh, yes. don't touch me. your hands are freezing. >> and they go to one hotel and stay for a year. >> alisyn: they really he make that much per year? >> yes, yes. >> tucker: if they sell out. i mean, i think that's
3:42 am
contingent of selling tickets. >> alisyn: we'll keep you posted. let's say you had a fear, a phobia of sitting on this filthy couch. you couldn't do your job. could you sue fox for having this filthy couch here? >> that's happening to one teacher in marmount? what state. >> i think in ohio. >> alisyn: a teacher is suing her school district because she says she has a phobia of children and says she cannot work with kids anymore and nothing to do with the fact that the school is eliminating french and she's the french teacher. she has a phobia of children, and makes it difficult for her to be a school teacher. >> tucker: do you have a right to the precise job you want? does your employer have an obligation, a legal obligation to give you exactly what you want? and to meet every one of your self-described needs and if he doesn't, can you sue them? most people would say no.
3:43 am
>> mike: the reason it's a story, it's so absurd. >> tucker: thank you for the clarity on that issue. >> alisyn: thank you, mike. j made up disorder. apparently, it is rare, but real. in is an actual phobia, it's called pediphobia. >> mike: you should find another line of work. >> tucker: i would say that's true. a couch analsy, if we have couch phobia this would not be a suitable gig. >> alisyn: i would have to suppress the couch phobia because the couch can cause fear. >> tucker: i medicate for it. >> alisyn: but, anyway, let's let you know what you think of the teacher if she had a case, and if she had this real phobia of children. >> tucker: and she's got a solid point and that will happen. >> mike: oh, yeah. >> tucker: the new york governor declaring a health
3:44 am
emergency as the flu reaches epidemic proportions. >> mike: and one of hollywood's hottest ladies officially off the market this morning. >> alisyn: we'll tell you who she's engaged to. he's also a catch. >> mike: she's taking the plunge like her neckline. ♪ .so as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please?
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>> quick headlines. this is a shocker, the internet whiz behind the popular website, families members 26-year-old eric schwartz took his own life in his brooklyn, new york apartment. book two years ago charged with stealing nearly 5 million articles from a computer archive at mit. his trial was set to begin next month. and sorry, guys, actress olivia wilde is officially off the market and 28-year-old is engaged to "saturday night live" funny man jason is a dsei. >> tucker: and one day after federal officials declared the virus had reached epidemic proportions in the country and why is it important to go to the hospital and how can the
3:48 am
flu shot help you. joining us now is the emergency department, doctor, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> tucker: what's the distinction between an emergency and a nonemergency? >> well, really most people with normal immune systems can stay home with flu or flu-like illness. the ones that need to worry who have asthma, emphysema, diabetes, diseases that decreased immune system or higher risk. what do they look for, a fever that doesn't respond to tylenol or motrin or shortness of breath or pre longed illness and tried the treatment at home, two, three, four days, or symptoms getting worse or dehydration, those persons should come to the emergency room. new york declared this an emergency, what does that mean? >> one of the important things to look at with this emergency, the good thing, the
3:49 am
governor skidecided to allow pharmacists to give the flu vaccine to six months or older. in the past you had to be over 18 before you got the flu vaccines. >> tucker: why. >> and the good thing now is we have a larger cadre of health professionals who can give the vaccine. it's never too late to get the vaccine. it peaks in january and february and tails into march and april even further. so right now if you don't have the vaccine, definitely get out there and get it. takes about two weeks for immunity to build up full potency, definitely a good tool to use in battling the flu. >> tucker: would you recommend your patience to stay out of certain areas, subway, airlines. >> with a high concentration of people. one sneeze, one cough, on the hands, spread to a doorknob,
3:50 am
things like that. limit your exposure out in the public definitely and that's why i think this flu epidemic hit so hard, it started right before the holidays when people were travelling on congregating at parties and gatherings. >> tucker: what can you do to boost your immune system. >> a lot of things to do, number one, you need to rest, eat nutritious foods, exercise, wash your hands frequently, and that's both when you use public transportation, out in public or with a gathering of people and you need to definitely inhe crease your intake of fruits and vegetables, exercise is always an immunity booster and things that we forget around the holiday period because we're so stressed and need adequate rest. turn off the computer and smart phones when you go to bed and actually sleep. >> that's good advice in any season. >> thank you very much. >> the government tightening mortgage rules, could they actually ease lending? and a real estate expert is here to break it down for you, then, a night at the hockey arena quickly turns into an
3:51 am
emotional reunion, what a military dad surprises his whole family. we've got more. ♪ i'll be there for you ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? at legalzoom, we've created a better place to handle your legal needs. maybe you have questions about incorporating a business you'd like to start. or questions about protecting your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like to find the right attorney to help guide you along, answer any questions and offer advice. with an "a" rating from the better business bureau legalzoom helps you get personalized and affordable legal protection. in most states, a legal plan attorney is available with every personalized document to answer any questions. get started at today. and now you're protected.
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3:54 am
>> okay. you've been waiting. you think now is the time to buy a house, but there are new mortgage rules that go in effect in a few days, got to be careful. >> alisyn: what are the new rules? and will they help the consumer or will they help the bank? joining us now is real estate expert, morgan brennan. >> hi, thanks for having me. >> alisyn: as we understand it, the new rules are designed to keep people from borrowing
3:55 am
more than they can pay back. that's a novel approach. >> it sounds very obvious, but until this week, we haven't seen this regulation on the book. basically the take away here, this is the first rule from dodd frank and first rule in several that we're going to see from the consumer bureau that's stream lynniining the mortgage process. not changing lending scenario, we've seen, post economic down turn, but to prevent another housing bubble and subprime mortgages. >> that's how we got into trouble, you've got to be able to repay it. what's the debt to burden ratio have to be now? >> the debt to burden ratio 43%, duyou can't have more than 43% debt. >> i have to prove that.
3:56 am
>> eight critericriteria, credi history, assets and things automatically applying. >> no more high fees, that sounds good. how does that work? >> it's great, cap off at 3%. you the borrower to get that mortgage won't be paying more than 3% of the loan. >> mike: and no more teaser rates. how are we being teased? >> we saw with the subprime mortgage crisis and all of the lax lending that led town that, exotic loans and toxic assets. and misleadingly low teaser rates and people qualify for that interest rate and take out loans that maybe eventually couldn't afford. no more of that. >> alisyn: no more exotic loans, that's intriguing, what's exotic loans? >> interest only mortgages or loans with balloon payments, that exceed 30 years in duration of the loans. not going to see more of these.
3:57 am
basically, the take away here is qualified mortgage. that's a term you're going to hear a lot more of and now the industry standard. >> mike: what do you think of the new regulations? is it better for us or the bank? >> i think that remains to be seen. i think this is in general, i think this is pretty good on the heels of two other mortgage related settlements with private lenders this week and ang all of this will provide more confidence in the marketplace for some lenders to stop looking back at the last six years and start lending to qualified. >> what are the rates. >> 30-year fixed below 4%. i think it will stay there for the year. >> alisyn: morgan, thank you. >> thank you. >> alisyn: what is up next for president obama? is it immigration reform? you better watch out. it looks like one republican already has some of his ideas in the works. we're live from washington with details of this. >> mike: plus, a happy homecoming on the the ice. how one military dad pulled off one of the best surprises we've seen. get the tissue ready! ♪
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, january 13th, i'm alisyn camerota. the gun debate rages on, not
4:01 am
the n.r.a., but it could be a liberal think tank. >> tucker: the white house isn't just focusing on gun control, coming up on the president's to-do list, i am nation reform. does it mean amnesty for illegals? we'll break down his plan. >> mike: there she is, a new miss america named just last night. >> your n miss america is... miss new york. >> mike: you've got to be kidding me! me. 23-year-old mallory haggan, and "fox & friends" this morning, hour two starts right now. ♪ >> you're right. the other woman has to slink off in shame. >> tucker: the director mercifully excludes her from the shot. >> mike: you don't matter
4:02 am
anymore. >> tucker: practice. it's so good. you watch the pageants, don't you. >> mike: yes, i do, actually. miss montana has autism. >> alisyn: is that right. >> mike: miss d.c., a double mastectomy. >> alisyn: we interviewed her her. >> mike: and miss puerto rico was on crutches. >> alisyn: i didn't know you stayed up and watch. >> tucker: i was watching football. >> alisyn: and meanwhile, let's talk about the top story of the weekend and that's what's going to happen this week when vice-president biden unveils what he says are his proposals that he's come up with over the past weeks in terms of what to do about guns violence. there's an interesting story in the washingtons post, who is influences and who best has the white house's ear. >> mike: and talking with the n.r.a. and the video game manufacturers and people in the mental health industry. >> alisyn: good. >> mike: is it being influenced by a liberal think
4:03 am
tank? >> my impression was the white house was talking at the n.r.a. for a photo op, but not for the first time the group for center of american progress, not unlike a grass roots, n.r.a., but a think tank in washington run by democratic staffers and "the washington post" piece suggests there are 13 gun control proposals, and they've put over to the white house and some may be acted on by executive order not by congress. >> mike: things like background checks, making military grade assault weapons, we'll ban those, high capacity magazines talk about that all the time and ban those. mode modernizing the data base. enforcing the laws on the books that are tougher. >> alisyn: the devil is in the details. i don't know what military grade weapons are. >> tucker: they're not actually, you need a federal
4:04 am
firearms weapons. >> alisyn: is that what they're talking about. >> tucker: no. >> alisyn: or the semi automatics. >> tucker: semi automatic, probably majority of weapons, any gun that fires when you pull the trigger. >> alisyn: right. >> tucker: assault weapons are those that look scary to people who know nothing about guns. >> alisyn: and somebody described it as the difference, between is black and one is brown. >> tucker: barrel shrouds, signed to keep you from burning your fingers when the barrel is hot. and those were illegal under the last ban because they're dangerous. and on the basis of facts they don't know anything about is terrifying, ignorance is scary. >> mike: and it would be a great conversation to have in congress that we all to watch and learn. >> tucker: exactly, you debate it and maybe you'll agree with one side or the other, but you get to hear a vigorous exchange of ideas and evidence and counter evidence, but executive orders don't allow that and the president acting
4:05 am
like the king and the knight, must obey. >> alisyn: and we'll learn what the task force came up with. they're interested in putting out information, the journal news, outside of new york city, published that list of an interactive map of legal gun permit holders names and addresses. our own judge jeanine pirro was one of the people on that list and people can now find her sadly online and her address. so, she wanted to get answers from the editor and the publisher of the journal news and sent her own producer there, to try to ask some questions. here is what happened. >> why don't you talk to us? can you tell me why you guys released the names of the gun owners? >> i'm sorry, i'm on the phone. >> hi, janet. as you can see, we had door slammed right in our face. >> so they wouldn't talk, but
4:06 am
jeanine did talk to talk to them. if they wouldn't come on the show she said i will tell you what i believe and what i think about this whole situation with publishing the names and addresses of gun owners in those three counties, here is what jeanine had to say last night. >> tucker: boy, did she. >> you think it's important to out us in the aftermath of the newtown shooting? how dare you connect law abiding citizens who have gone through rigorous background checks, who have been fingerprinted, investigated and received judicial approval to exercise their second amendment rights. how dare you compare them to a none-job on the lunatic fringe, in desperate need of medication, playing violent video games for days at a time. this animal massacred innocent babies. he didn't have a pistol permit. he didn't go through a rigorous background check to get a pistol permit. he took someone else's gun and by the way, although it's none of your business, there's a
4:07 am
reason people have guns. we don't need your sanctimonious permission. and you dare put our families in danger, you pry into our lives and you put our private ap security and our safety in jeopardy and then you have nothing to say? how about i say it for you, you're nothing, but a bunch of cowards, unwilling to defend yourselves. frozen in fear. you screwed up period, end of story. . >> tucker: here is my question, is folk hero one word or two words or does it matter? jeanine pirro qualifies, i'm going to watch that. instead of going torefor a run m going to watch that clip. i'm more energized watching that than hitting the treadmill. >> alisyn: if you want to read more, go to and she wrote an article the different types of people who would want to have a gun in their home, including, judge
4:08 am
jeanine who had indicted and prosecuted criminals who of course could seek retaliation. >> tucker: and this is not something that the members of congress have to worry about, they have body guards with high capacity magazines and assault rifles. and in other words, they think they need these firearms to protect themselves and their families and you don't think you should be allowed to take them to defend yours. >> mike: and let's talk about another hot button issue. president obama setting his sights on perhaps the next overhaul of the immigration system. and there is already a republican challenge in the works. >> jennifer griffin joins us live with the details. >> good morning, guys. the president has vowed to take on immigration reform. but florida senator marco rubio whose parents were from
4:09 am
cuba, accuses the president of poisoning the well, even last minute laws through an executive order issuing work permits and halting deportation just prior to the election. in a wide ranging interview in the wall street journal, rubio explains why the president must embrace immigration reform and outlines what he hopes to be his signature plan. quote, i don't think there's a lot of concern in this country that we'll now get overrun by ph.d.'s and entrepreneurs. i think it's the rhetoric by a handful of voices in the minority, but loud none the less that have allowed the left to create an unfair perception to conservatives and republicans are anti-hispanic, and anti-immigration, and we do have to overcome that. there are nearly 12 million illegal workers right now in the country, but only 6.5% of those who came here, came here based on unique education or skills. the u.s. could not harvest its fruit crops without the large number of migrant workers who
4:10 am
are mostly hispanic and senator rubio wants, quote, guest worker visas for unskilled labor and stands behind employers doing background checks on workers and tough border policies. rubio wants to make it easier for those with skills, engineers and tech savvy immigrants, the president wants a pathway for citizenship here and vowed to help the children of illegal immigrants who are already here. >> these are young people studying in our schools, they play in our neighborhoods, they're friends with our kids, they pledge allegiance to our flag. they are americans in their hearts, in their minds, in every single way, but one, on paper. >> if the president wants to overhaul immigration, he'll need to convince big labor to get on board. senator marco rubio sees it as a gateway and could lead to
4:11 am
republican party if successful. back to you in narc. >> alisyn: what's happening overnight. ousted president mubarak granted appeal of his life sentence by egyptian court. new video into the news room of supporters celebrating that ruling. mubarak was convicted of prevent killing of hundreds of protesters and toppled his regime nearly two years ago, no date set for the 84 year olds's retrial. good news for many new yorkers wanting to vaccine their children. governor cuomo granted a flu imagine, temporarily suspends the laws for pharmacies vaccinating kids under the age of 18. many looking to get the vaccine met with long lines like these, and scramble to get the shots and a shortage applied nationwide. and a soldier reunited with his family at the ice rink.
4:12 am
>> what are you doing? (cheers) >> that's captain nathan, he shocks his wife and three kids at a hockey game in minnesota. there he is taking off the goalie mask, they were not expecting him home until next week and he spent the last eight months in afghanistan working as a critical care nurse with the air national guard. those are the best stories!. >> mike: i know it. it gets me every single time. >> alisyn: they're great. >> mike: they thought he was the goalie. oh, look, dad. >> alisyn: i know. >> mike: that's great. today is going to be what, 55, 60 degrees in new york city. >> alisyn: that's what they say. that's the hype. >> mike:. >> rick: enjoy it, it's over. and tucker, what you need to learn about alisyn, how many she loves winter and really cold temperatures. >> alisyn: i was born on the first day of summer and i love summer so i complain from labor day to memorial day. >> tucker: good for you, i'm on your side. >> rick: you're both going to be complaining a lot in a bit. he enjoy today.
4:13 am
if you're east of this line of storms, looking good. fog gep and the fog a big problem we'll have, i'll show you where, but heavy rain as well because we have the flooding concerns across parts of the lower mississippi valley and headed to the mid ohio valley as well. and then ahead of this, it's a very foggy morning, kind of like what you saw yesterday and kind after repeat of that today. 16 states that have dense fog advisories in effect as you head out on the roads this morning, plenty of time and distance between the cars in front of you. anywhere to the best of that storm, it's incredibly cold. 48 in phoenix, and 49 in l.a. 52 in palm springs, below freezing in palm springs and phoenix, almost unheard of. fine must six in flagstaff and incredible cold temperatures there. the real cold that you really, really dislike, that massive air right there. where you see that peak, that's the coldest air and right now we have cold air, winter air across the northern plains and across the west, it's warm to the east.
4:14 am
we're starting to see the pattern change and in the middle of the week, that flattens out. that batch of cold air cold to the parts of the northeast by thursday and later next weekend and next week, we're going to see that get down to our area and could be dealing with temperatures in the single digits. get ready. single digits. >> alisyn: me no liky. >> rick: you wouldn't. >> alisyn: next week when you're on tucker, i'll be wearing a parka. >> tucker: that might be kind of cool. >> alisyn: look forward to that. >> mike: attractive still. >> alisyn: wow. >> mike: in the wake of the newtown shooting in connecticut schools across the country are having a zero tolerance policy, in one case suspending a six-year-old pointing a finger like a gun at a student. is it that or child's play? >> and thousands show up for the world's largest snowball fight. amazing.
4:15 am
♪ who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. align naturally helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ ooh, baby, can i do for you today? ♪ try align today.
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>> the wake of the newtown shootings, preventive measures are amped up across the conduct and is it possible we're taking some things anyway, too far? a recent study of the school suspensions in the d.c. area, for example, from last year, noticed they were more than 6,000 suspensions of kids from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade, including 50 in pr pre-kin. 433 in kindergarten, suspension. 677 in first grade, 813 in the second grade and by third grade, 1,086. and with us the former labor secretary nominee and fox news contributor. thanks for coming. great to be with you. >> tucker: this steams a little over the top. what could you possibly do in
4:18 am
pre-kindergarten to earn a suspension. >> one of the kids what he did was go pow and got him kicked out of school and had to stay home and his parents are objecting now, and i don't know, may end up bringing a lawsuit. it really is ridiculous and part of the problem is, we've sort of femininized school. little boys, outside of the realm of what a lot of schools want to see and frankly it's a problem. what you're doing is teaching the wrong lesson, teaching that child's play is somehow aggressive, violent, and that in some way diminishes real violence when you have a kid who really is aggressive, if you could be suspended for simply playing, now, cowboys and indians or good guys and bad guys, cops and robbers and get thrown out of school for that, if you're six, seven years old. that misses the opportunity to deal with real problems. >> that's right, and the opportunity to teach the child, just kicking him out of
4:19 am
school or suspending him doesn't instruct him. and it's a larger trend, the country losing its sense of humor. >> absolutely. >> is it not possible to laugh things off anymore? >> i think that's a problem and also, a problem that we somehow think we can socialize children into being different beings than they are. you know, i'm a mother of three sons, when my three-year-old, my first son was three years old, waii was one, no g.i. joe, no guns, holesters and guns and him legos and fitted the piece together and went around the house saying bam, bam, bam. and boys will be boys. >> tucker: it's true. that's right. and why wouldn't any school or parent with the experience, your preconceptions are shattered by the realities of gender differences, they're inborn. >> day one, little baby girls are different than baby boys. >> tucker: and why shouldn't schools who have smart and
4:20 am
wise people presumably recognize that? >> i think that schools are structured environment and frankly, little girl's behavior, a willingness to sit still, pay attention, not necessarily to talk and get up and run around the room is more conducive to a classroom setting. what we've done, trying to turn little boys into different forms of little girls and a lot has to do with the way that schools are structured. you take a six-year-old and sit him in a chair and expect that they're going to stay there. it isn't natural, frankly, it isn't natural for a lot of little girls, it's more for the convenience of teachers than it is accommodating to the child's needs. >> that's truly right. little boys are savages, i don't mean that in-- it's just true. >> we can't change it, but thr he' lovable and grow up to warm, wonderful human beings when they get a little older. >> tucker: amen. on that hopeful note. coming up, get an instant mood boost from botox. true, that story coming up and
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> oh, it's final for your news by the numbers. first up, 10 million dollars, that's how much money the obama inauguration team is hyped its fund raising goal.
4:25 am
the commit helped to raise 50 million for the ceremony just a week away. next, 460,000 dollars, that's how much this private three-acre florida island was listed for on ebay. the owner says he couldn't afford to build on it and put it up for auction. no one bid on the land. good luck. finally, 6,000, how many seattle residents took part in the world's largest snowball fight. about 162,000 pounds of snow were trucked in for the event. and it's now in the guinness book of world records. >> mike: another number for you, six, six commandments of get you back on the right back as far as your diet is concerned. >> alisyn: oh, good. you were vamping it's hard to know when my cue is. after the holidays overeating many of us making new years resolutions to lose weight. like a reset button, but sadly rarely works, but a way to pull it off in less than two weeks. >> mike: one of our good friends and a colleague, a news anchor for a station in
4:26 am
new york city, fox 5, does a great job. a trained chef and an author of this book called "the quick and queen" look how pretty you are. >> oh. >> alisyn: great to see you and have you back. let's talk about your rules for getting us in shape. everybody forgets about it. >> scientifically proven, you stick to it two to four weeks and everybody jumps on the fad diets and they don't work, it's deprivation. >> mike: are you one of those people, i love this, that says you should eat often throughout the day. >> i am, one of those people who believes you should eat every three hours or one of those people, whoever works for you, but eat often because if you don't eat often, then what happens is you're starving, once you realize that you need to eat something and you choose the wrong things. >> mike: how do you get that done? do you have food around you? >> you can absolutely pack stuff with you, and i'm not
4:27 am
talking forging, bring almonds or yogurt, a mid morning snack or apple, things that arab -- and that have so you don't go by the pizza. >> alisyn: and you're making one of the dishes for us. what do you mean lean protein. chicken? >> tons of lean protein, obviously, fish is one of the low proteins, turkey can be lean protein, some people like pork, that's lean protein, you know, it's really anything that does not have a high level of fat. >> dari, you're famous for your kabobs. >> alisyn: what are you pigging-- >> paint a skewer.
4:28 am
>> you start with lean. >> exactly, lean protein and the idea is to stack it with as many vegetables and good stuff as you want. you know, when you're eating this way, you don't have to think about calories, another big thing, i don't think it's good to obsess about calories, who wants to do that. an accountant and you love numbers and you want to do that all day long, there's no reason to do that when you're eating well. so you can stuff a bunch of these as eat as many as you want because the idea really is to not feel like you're on one of those programs, where you're depriving yourself. >> alisyn: right, and you also say, we have heard this before, it's hard to do when you're hungry and want a snack, avoid processed foods. >> it's hard to do, impossible when you're really, really hungry, it's the easiest to find, processed food. >> alisyn: vending machines and snack bars. >> the drive through, the pizza place. say if you made these and did a lovely job. >> thank you, i make a good
4:29 am
kebab. what do i slather it with? >> slather it with a marinade, you can make any kind you want, depends on what your flavor thing is. but you know-- >> this is like soy sauce, ginger, garlic. >> and do it ahead of time and put it in the refrigerator and all of those marinaded so he there's really good flavor or the very last minute. and just put it on the grill and it can be, it doesn't have to be, you don't have to go outside, you can do one of the grills or grill pans on your stove top. >> alisyn: your book is terrific, dari alexander, great recipes and-- >> your name is dari, are you lactose intolerance. >> no. >> i'm into dairy. >> i'm not that into dairy. >> mike: interesting. >> well, you know, it's just, i don't know.
4:30 am
>> mike: they're into you. >> i can he eat certain things, some things-- >> good to see you. how are the kids. >> gralt. >> mike: likeand i saw-- >> i saw you in philly. we don't see you. >> i love you and known for for years, you know that. >> alisyn: and yeah. >> we were pregnant together. >> tucker: i like watching that. but we're on to the next segment. (laughter) >> this is so good. oh. >> we were pregnant together. >> we were all pregnant together. >> we're going to get pregnant together. (laughter) >> it's going to be a great after show today, i can tell you that, it's on the internet, stay tuned. but in this show, still ahead, an overweight woman, a very overweight woman falls to the sidewalk in new york. an unlikely hero saved her life. yes, her waistline. and earth to tom cruise, why a
4:31 am
new book says the actor was put on this planet to save us from aliens, more on this completely bizarre story coming up next. ♪ you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. >> announcer: meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor. and she might have, if not for kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number to open credit cards, destroying jill's credit and her dream of retirement. now meet amanda. with a swipe of her debit card,
4:32 am
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4:34 am
>> your new miss america is... miss new york. >> she wasn't even looking. she had averted her eyes. that was miss new york, mallory haggan crowned last night. and she beat out miss south carolina and miss oklahoma who came in third. she was originally from alabama and moved to brooklyn in 2008. the fourth new york miss america, the last was vanessa williams. >> but she's from alabama of course, like-- >> look at this, for her talent she wowed the crowd with a tap dance to james brown get up off that thing. and gretchen carl sn, when she
4:35 am
won the crown. >> mike: she won? >> what did your evening gown look like the night you won. >> this is the 80's and everything is big and that meant that the gowns weighed 20 pounds, full of beads, but the most important thing go with your gut. a lot of people said you needed to wear white to win and i wore blue because that's what i felt good in. >> that's gretchen in her blue gown. >> that's beautiful aring beautiful, very beaded. she was right. speaking of which, let's talk about a woman who did something completely antithetical to being a pageant queen. this is a woman. her book is making the round everywhere, called "the beauty experiment", this is a woman who decided to forego all hair salons, all makeup, all beauty products for an entire year and what she learned about herself and society. >> she was trying to teach us a lesson about vanity, right, a survey came out on friday that said that women look in the mirror 35 times every
4:36 am
single day. ali would you say you do that? >> i don't think i did. it's possible. i don't think i look in the mirror 35 times a day. i hope not, but i understand the problem because we are all a little addicted to makeup and getting to the hair dress her and the beauty products. i think it's brave for her to try to forego it for a year. >> tucker: i bet her husband didn't notice. i bet only other women noticed. i'm serious, people-- there was a study recently that showed that women spend most of their time looking at other women, not in a romantic way, but to assess physical beauty. and women, have work done for other women and-- >> well, this woman named phoebe, she said that this-- a quote from her, i noticed a change in my inner voice, she had become softer and less judgmental and talked to herself, of me, and the women around me. bad hair days meant nothing.
4:37 am
and my face without makeup, not a hideous problem. >> and wait a second, she's totally cute and i'm not against this as an experiment or, and i'm definitely for deemphasizing physical appearance it's too important, however, you know, we don't want to be too ideological about it. brush your teeth and comb your hair. >> alisyn: her only rules she would use sunscreen and moisturizer. >> what about deodorant. >> alisyn: that's not a beauty product, that's a hygiene-- >> when you run to the deli, do you get made up. >> no, i put my hair up in a pony tail and in sweats and always see someone in that getup. and i take the subway, and in that outfit. alisyn camerota, i can't believe that people can-- >> that's a compliment, you're
4:38 am
recognizable without makeup. >> alisyn: people are observant. >> mike: you've run into colleagues here, and oh! like me, you don't know who they are. >> alisyn: it is true. it happens. and why don't you send us your e-mails and tweet us, and find us at our name and let us know what you think about that beauty experiment. >> mike: here is a good looking man with or without makeup. >> tucker: i saw him without makeup. >> rick: scary, i'm yeall for a year without makeup as long as it's not a year without hygiene products. and alisyn, i he see her all the time at the gym without it, sleeping on the comfy couches. >> alisyn: relaxing. >> rick: take a look at the weather map, guys, waking up across the northern plains and it's cold, and that cold air is going to be with us for another three to four days across the areas of the west, around wednesday, starts to change, but you're waking up to a cold one. let's look what's going on across the east.
4:39 am
if it's cold somewhere, you got abnormally warm next to it. look at the temperatures in o-o. and enjoy today, because the cold front is moving through and pick your city there. now look at tomorrow and the temps drop out tomorrow across parts of the ohio valley and we're still hanging on to the 50's, boston down to d.c. and take a look at tuesday. and those are gone and once those are gone, they're gone, we're not going to be looking at those kinds of temperatures for a long time. in fact, the next two weeks or so looking like big blasts of extremely cold air. so, enjoy today, is what i'm trying to tell you. take a look at your forecast today. in across the northeast, your highs 50's and 60's, a lot of fog and pretty significant cloud cover as well. down to the southeast, another extremely warm day, florida, looking great. and the temps have been so warm all week long and people using the a.c. in january across areas of florida. stormy conditions and rain continuing from louisiana up through kentucky and into the northern plains and the front moved through, but it's very
4:40 am
cold. so you continue to see those temps into the single digits across much of north dakota and a few scattered flurries as well at times. across the west, try things out, but that dry condition continuing to be cold and overnight lows below freezing in the desert, we have hard freeze warnings in effect all the way down to southeastern, arizona, as well as some of the low elevations across southern california. another cold one tonight. tomorrow night and tuesday night as well as we start to see things changing up there. alisyn, did you take off your makeup. >> alisyn: no, i don't want to, i'm too nervous. thanks for the suggestion. the rest of your headlines, what else is happening while you've been sleeping. a look at paris, france, hundreds of thousands of people protesting the french president's plan to legalize same sex marriage there. people are expecting about 300,000 people to march towards the eiffel tower from three different points in the city, tying up traffic, closing subway stations for hours, this is expected to be the largest demonstration
4:41 am
there in a decade a 400 pound woman says her size saved her life in new york. yolanda williams, on the cover of the new york post. she was waiting for the bus friday night. suddenly the side walk collapsed under her and she fell six feet into a building cellar. the fall was severe enough a thinner woman might have died. and-- >> saved by the belly. so the moral here is, eat up. >> alisyn: i guess. >> true? >> unless the sidewalk collapsed because of her weight. >> ali. >> alisyn: i don't know the answer to that, we'll find out. and meanwhile, botox can apparently fix your mood and your marriage. good news, mike. according to washington d.c., dermatologist says that the toxin may make you appear less anger, and obviously selfless
4:42 am
here, no self-interest. botox paralyzes the frown muscles, making it more difficult to scowl and patients feel less depressed. i might want to see more studies. >> tucker: a guy who sells botox, says that botox makes you happy. >> mike: hard to react to that, but i can't move my face. >> tucker: there's a book out by scientology, won a pulitzer prize that was about al-qaeda, not a tabloid kind of guy. and says that he tom cruise was put on the earth to vanquish aliens. and what it's like inside the so-called church and turns out that the church apparently has chosen every one of tom cruise's girlfriends and wives. >> alisyn: it's pretty scintillating stuff and tuck are tucker says it's not a
4:43 am
journalist normally given to sensationalism, he was married to mimi rogers and he developed a crush on nicole kidman and then the church foe that he could marry nicole kidman and katie holmes was selected. but a lot of information from the girlfriend prior to katie holmes and when she did leave tom cruise one of her punishments was to scrub a public bathroom with a toothbrush. an amazing scene he's talking about having dinner with the person who runs the scientology and the new girlfriend the church found for him and she's feeling sick and not proply deferential to the head of the cult and cruise breaks up with her over it. >> alisyn: and he says he's number three in the the operation and i was astounded by the salary he apparently gets, according to this, had a
4:44 am
billion dollar a year contract. >> tucker: no it's a billion year contract. >> for a billion years. >> alisyn: i thought it was a billion dollar contract. >> tucker: no, a billion years and he's number three in the organization. number one perp in the dead is l. ron hubbard. >> mike: i think that tom cruise is doing a great job fighting aliens, when is the last time you've seen an alien on earth? get off his back. and the people around the countries, the long lines? philadelphia had to wait seven hours on thursday to get a flu shot. what are we going to do about this? we break down the difference between the needle and the nasal spray vaccination, just as good. >> tucker: forget the thin mint. get your hands on the latest vitamin packed girl scout cookie coming up. ♪ ÷÷
4:45 am
4:46 am
4:47 am
>> well, the flu is an epidemic in the u.s. for decades we had only one type of flu shot. and now the newer shot or the flu mist. pediatrician joins us to explain the difference as well as how to prepare your kids
4:48 am
tomorrow for school with all of this. doctor, great to see you. >> thank you, alisyn. >> alisyn: what is the difference of the spray versus the shot? >> well, they're two completely different vaccines. the shot is an inactivated vaccines, it cannot give you mild symptoms. >> alisyn: that's a great myth. >> right. >> alisyn: people think i'm going to get the flu shot and get the flu. you're saying it's not a live virus. >> it's absolutely impossible. it's not a live virus vaccine, it cannot give you symptoms. >> alisyn: the mist? >> the mist is a live virus and holding it up and see what it looks like. it's needleless and goes in the nose. it's a cold adaptive virus, when i put this in your nose, the virus itself cannot replicate at body temperature, but it can give some mild nasal symptoms, you may get a nasal congestion or a sore throat and common complaint after i've given them the vaccination. >> alisyn: otherwise, wouldn't
4:49 am
everybody want the mist? they're afraid of shots. >> kids, and some adults are afraid of shots, too. what happens though, this has a broader contraindication, so you cannot give in to children or adults with any type of chronic lung disease, like asthma or copd or anything, or anyone on chemotherapy or immuno compromised with a dulled immune system. both are contraindicated in allergic people and-- >> not everyone can get this. >> and not everyone wants to suffer the possibility of maybe getting some nasal congestion the next day. >> alisyn: let's move on to kids are returning to school tomorrow amidst this epidemic, are schools just a petri dish of flu germs. >> yes, they are. >> alisyn: what are you doing, sending your kid back into the experiment? >> teach the kids, one two and three, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands and effective in hand washes and wash 15 to 20 seconds of
4:50 am
running water and soapy water. hand sanitizer works well also, so you can actually use hand sanitizer and dissolves the virus off your hands and you can do that. keep your hands away from your face. we touch our face all day long and flu virus can live on inanimate objects. >> alisyn: that's important one. a flu virus can live for how long on a desk? >> about two to eight hours and also, kids can excrete the virus before they're sick. one kid going into a classroom can sit on another kid sat on healthy and not realizing there's flu virus on the desk, but they're okay if they keep their hand away from their face and don't bite your nails. everybody is putting their hand on their face, and touching food and-- i get my hands covered in flu virus all day long and washes my hands and not getting the flu and i've also been vaccinated. >> alisyn: wash your hands as often as possible and keep your hands away from your eyes and your nose and your mouth.
4:51 am
great tips. have you ever heard of this one. a teacher with a phobia of children and it's a real phobia and now suing her school district over discrimination. the future of the auto industry. live to the detroit auto show next. ♪
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> it's the super bowl of auto shows. where companies release the latest cars and the latest car technology. joining us live from the auto show with the car czar, doug brown i remember. >> good morning, tucker, it's the super bowl of car shows, and this is big. three quarters after million people expected to come
4:55 am
through the cobo hall in detroit. the economic impact. 400 million dollars money well needed in downtown detroit and this show is big this year. the automakers are back and saying that they are ready to show it off. we snuck in a day early to show you what i think are going to be some of the the show stoppers. we'll start with this. i can see you on in this 7th avenue. all new from chevrolet, 2014 silverado. the truck that gm has been talking about and tested this thing for 17 million miles and it's all new, hood to hitch it starts at just under $25,000. and that's incredible and that's going to put a lot of pressure on ford and f-150. inside the company is saying they'll give you more room and a lot quieter and amenities, starting price point under 25 grand and expected to get pretty good gas mileage. lincoln, yeah, expect to hear about lincoln this year shall the final booth and it's about ,
4:56 am
nobody's seen this before. it's the mkz concept crossover and lincoln says it's the ultimate lucksly crossover, push button, stitching throughout. ambient lighting everywhere and the up 200% in just four years, lincoln expects to hit it out of the park when it introduces that later today and then this from ford. do not call it a mini-van. ford says a transit wagon, seven passengers seating and notable, over 30 miles to the gallon. i have four kids, i guarantee they'll want one for the drop down tables and ford expects to release it sometime later this year. don't call it a mini-van, by the way. and hyundai, a seven passenger vehicle. seven passengers in and this is built for families specifically, but you still have space behind the third row for your stuff and in fact, holds a whole lot of
4:57 am
stuff and go on sale in march under $30,000 and even the rear seats are heated for the little kids and this from acura, the new flag ship. rlx and the headlights on this thing have little jewels to help disperse the light premium throughout, the back seat is huge and four wheels that steer, tucker, all four will move you, which makes this thing unbelievable when you're cornering on the freeway, new from acura and i'll tell you, they needed a new flagship and i think they really have one with the new rlx. >> tucker: i am sold. i can't believe that silverado under 25 grand. i know you were joking when you say you've got to get one of these, i'm going to. >> seriously, me, too, when was the last time you were drawn to a pickup truck and gm needed this tucker, because, the old silverado was steal, let's be be honest. and this they're putting a lot
4:58 am
of of thinking it's a winner. >> tucker: i wish it was before christmas. doug, in detroit, thank you very much. the gun debate continues in washington this week, vice-president joe biden laid out his recommendations to the president. what can we expect when we hear about it next week? we'll ask chris wallace, he's joining us the top of the hour, because, bye-bye california, hello sin city? we'll tell you about a potentially massive deal that britney spears may be in vegas. ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watcng. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit.
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5:01 am
>> good morning everyone, it's sunday, january 13th, i'm alisyn camerota. they said no to the n.r.a., but the administration is getting ready for sweeping new gun proposals and words they may be talkiking points from a group. >> tucker: and a teacher says she can can't teach because of a severe phobia she has, she says she's afraid of kids. we will have the details. >> mike: we showed you this picture. kate's official portrait. thumbs down from a lot of people even our critics and we'll ask our critic to weigh in. is that beauty or kind of
5:02 am
ugly? and "fox & friends" this sunday morning, is your third hour starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, again, everyone, thank you for joining us, something important to come up. the top ten words you're most likely mispronouncing and you've been embarrassing yourself for years by mispronouncing and i can't believe how many words there i supposedly mispronounce. >> mike: we found 11 i've been mispronouncing half of them. >> tucker: it's not like you do them on tv. >> mike: i knew the banal. >> tucker: who says that, that ought to be a felony. >> alisyn: well. >> mike: are you a numberologist. >> alisyn: no.
5:03 am
>> mike: today is 1-13-13. do you know what it means? don't look. >> alisyn: thank you mike for that. >> tucker: who is influencing the white houses gun control? it could be the n.r.a.? no, it's a left wing think tank funded by george soros, according to the washington post this morning has given a list of 13 or so gun control ideas to the white house, which they may act on by executive order. >> alisyn: we're going to find out on tuesday, what the vice-president has come up with with his task force and it's interesting, one place that we've heard common ground, and as we heard reported perhaps the administration is considering putting armed guards in schools and that's one thing where it seemed like the n.r.a. and the white house and other people have suggested this over the the past week, since the newtown tragedy, maybe that was a point of commonalty, but what we're hearing if it's true that this left wing think tank really
5:04 am
has the president's ear and the white house's attention then the they would not be happy. >> mike: what's with the meeting last week with n.r.a., video game manufacturers, mental health experts? >> a listening tour, basically, that the vice-president said he's trying to solicit suggestions from as many different groups and corners as possible. >> are they more influenced by the center for american progress. >> tucker: do you think. >> mike: with the long rlist. >> tucker: and i guess what people bother, telitism, with the body guards and not like the rest of us. and david gregory showed a magazine on television, he wasn't charged he wasn't doing anything threatening. >> mike: a prop, show and tell. >> tucker: yet, i got an e-mail from a friend of mine who trains the military in combat techniques, what would happen if i drove into washington with a magazine in the back of my car and hit by
5:05 am
a car and the police saw that magazine i'd go to jail. this is a military veteran and a person defending this country not making it dangerous, he would not get the benefit of the doubt here. there's a feeling that average people kind of get the shaft and no, you can't defend yourself. yes, you are subject to the restrictive laws and the rest in congress and media aren't. >> mike: what's going to happen on tuesday when the vice-president comes out with his recommendations from his panel there? will he suggest armed guards in schools? and should it just be armed guards or how about, some people said let's arm teachers. >> alisyn: that's in fact happening. one school district in ohio. >> mike: they're going with custodians, aren't they. >> alisyn: a new plan and that's to arm nonteaching employees, janitors and custodians, it's a voluntary program and so far here in mou they have to take a two day mange course and every school is trying something and desperate to make sure that
5:06 am
nothing like newtown can happen if their district and have people, not teachers, but people in the schools with guns and they would have to train and practice a lot. in an emergency situation, just having a gun on you doesn't necessarily help. >> mike: on the other-- remember what happened a month ago at new york empire state building. some guy with a gun comes out and police surround him and they did get him. nine people were shot, not by the perpetrator. nine people shot were shot by the cops. bullets were flying everywhere. >> tucker: this is a complicated question and i respect people's concerns about kids. reality check, our schools are very safe, actually. there are tragic school shootings, but the average student is not going to see anything like that in his lifetime. and the average school is a sanctuary and they're already safe, so deep breath. >> mike: exactly. deep breath. >> alisyn: good point. your headlines and tell you what else is happening at this hour, new york's governor
5:07 am
declaring a flu imagine, temporarily suspend a law that bans pharmacies from vaccinating people from underage 18 and now they'll be able to give the shot to kids as young as six months old. with the outbreak reaching epidemic levels, many people are finding themselves waiting in long lines like this one to get the shot. well, more than 200 protesters take to the streets of staten island, new york, of course hit hard by superstorm sandy and frustrations boiling over this and many say that congress is dragging its feet on passing a bill to send more more aid. >> they did it with katrina in nine days, we're 70 days over, and what are we getting? >> there are many families down here, ones that pay taxes, pay their flood insurance, pay their home owners insurance and are now paying rent on top of everything else. they have the money, i'm sure each and every one of them got their christmas bonuses we're sitting here, sitting here
5:08 am
trying to do everything ourselves. >> alisyn: they have been waiting a long time and obviously very angry. the house of representatives are set to vote on the 51 billion dollar release bill on tuesday. this is good news on the condition of former president george h.w. bush. last night a spokesman for the 41st president said he could be released from a houston hospital this week, and president bush's son jeb is more optimistic and he says he thinks his father will go home tomorrow. the 88-year-old was admitted for a bronchitis related cough. >> mike: what a night if you're a football fan. if you watched the broncos-ravens game. >> tucker: no. >> mike: it's an instant classic, we'll see it over and over again on espn. under a minute to go, ravens q.b. flacco hits the hail mary kind of pass and i don't know how he got behind the defense, in overtime peyton manning
5:09 am
forces a pass and intercepted by the ravens and now in double overtime the ravens kick a game winning 47 yard field goal to stun denver and all of those fans, 38-35. and then in san francisco, another pretty good game. 49ers quarterback, colin kaepernick led them to a victory over the green bay packers and the quarterback himself rushed for 181 yards and two touchdowns, boy, having a great season. and he replaced the other quarterback earlier this season and got the a chance and took advantage of it. >> alisyn: i knew that. >> tucker: fantastic. what is happening outside? we know what's going on in here in the studio, rick, how is it out there. >> rick: it's really nice across the east and cold out west. and guess where the dividing line is, there, big storms, anywhere to the west, texas, oklahoma, kansas, texas is cooler. if your in front of that, it's warm, damp and muggy and foggy as well. some of this rain falling so long, flooding concerns across
5:10 am
parts of louisiana, and areas of louisiana well over a foot of rain this week so that's too much for you to get in such a short period of time. and rain spreaded into the ohio valley. rain not snow because it's been so warm. the cold is going to get here and much more like winter. this is where the flooding concerns are, flood watches and warnings, areas of red, flash flooding going on right now. across parts of southeastern arkansas as well as tennessee and flooding up to areas of michigan and pennsylvania from the storm. you can see, that's where the rain is and where the front is, so anywhere to the east it's warm. 63 degrees we're in mid january in cleveland, and it's 63 degrees. go back towards the west, and it's cold. 31 in phoenix, not normally see that kind after contrast, but the temperatures should be flip flopped this time of year, adding the wind and feels much colder, like minus 20 in denver and go up into the mountains and feels like minus 30, minus 35. incredibly cold air out there. it's going to change by wednesday across parts of the
5:11 am
west and tomorrow though, still another cold one. warmth hanging on across areas of the southeast and florida looking still very warm, likely all the way until saturday or sunday. guys. >> mike: all right, now let's say that rick, does a great job with the weather was allergic to isobars, and could he sue the channel for making him do the weather? that's his job. it's kind of what's going on with a teacher, she says she's developed a fear in the classroom and the students are-- themselves. there she is right there. so, she's suing the school district because she has this fear of children and trying to teach french to these children. >> tucker: that makes total sense, i can't do my job, but you should be required to pay me if you don't, the government will punish you. if the department, civil-- division the justice
5:12 am
department come to her aid. >> alisyn: 61 years old. a french teacher and the school district want today move her from high school where she's been teaching effectively for many years, to junior high. and so, she says that this phobia called pediphobia prevents her from being around children. >> tucker: that aged children. >> alisyn: actually, i think that it's for younger children. i don't know if it's for middle school, but anyway, the symptoms, it actually is a real phobia and it's real and recognized, but extremely rare and here are symptoms, terror, dread, rapid heartbeat. shortness of breath, nausea, dry mouth and anxiety. >> mike: and the need to wear turtle neck sweaters. >> alisyn: it did not say that. >> tucker: it might be time to work through your fears. the truth is we all have phobias, and we can work through them. part of what means to grow. >> mike: a lot of you weighed in. and look what jim said, the teacher were involved when she accepted the position, no one tricked her, she can get over
5:13 am
it or resign. >> alisyn: well, she liked high school age better. >> tucker: if the teacher who is suing because she has a phobia of kids is successful then i think i will be bringing my own lawsuit not because i have a phobia of kids, but because i just don't like them very much. they are sticky and messy, says fred. >> alisyn: i hope fred is not a baby sitter. and kim says, so can i sue the nfl because i'm 5-6 and have a phobia of getting hit by a 6-4 linebacker, i really want to play football, tim. >> mike: and that story on "fox & friends." coming up, the gun debate rages on and we're talking about it this morning. what actual gun control recommendations will the vice-president, joe biden, present to the president on tuesday? chris wallace is in d.c. where it's going to happen on tuesday. >> tucker: next stop, sin city. we'll tell you about the potentially massive deal in the works for britney spears. ♪
5:14 am
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5:16 am
>> president obama will get gun violence control recommendations from joe biden on tuesday, what can we expect? >> joining us right now, for fox news sunday today, chris wallace, good to see you. >> hey, guys. >> mike: some predictions here. what do you think the vice-president's recommendations are going to be on tuesday? >> well, i don't think it's actually too hard to predict. the vice-president has said a lot of it before he made the recommendations. i think you're going to see a call for a ban on assault weapons, some kinds of limits on the high capacity magazines that can hold 30 rounds or a hundred rounds. i think you're going to see a real big push for universal background checks on all gun sales, about 40% of gun sales
5:17 am
at gun shows, especially, private sales, there's no background check and i think you're going to see that and then probably some tougher enforcement and crackdown on gun trafficking and not surprised if you saw some measures, i don't know if it will be legislation or voluntary calls for things like some kind of restraint in hollywood on these violent video games and movies and maybe some proposals on mental health care. >> tucker: chris, has the vice-president's office explained what that would mean, universal background checks, in every individual sale. if i sell you a gun, just the two of us, that we have to register with the government. is that what that means? >> yeah, that's exactly what it means. they say, look, you know, who is to say if you sell me a gun i'm stable or don't have all the problems that they don't want people to have, a criminal record, mental health problem. and yeah, and then obviously as you say that would involve a lot more paper work, regulation, and you know, so
5:18 am
some people are going to oppose that because there are all kinds of-- people give guns to their kids or relatives or friends. but that's what one of the things that they're talking about, are universal background checks and the argument would be, and i can certainly understand the arguments against it, the argument would be, if the gun rights people say the problem isn't the weapon, it's the person. then you've got to check the person out. >> alisyn: chris, let's talk about the politics of this, which of course are dicey. there's a report in the washington post today that the vice-president is getting some of the suggestions from center for american progress, a liberal organization in washington, and that one of the things that they are calling for is some executive action, that if the president can't get congressional consensus, that he just unla unilaterally makes some move. is that wise or unwise in this climate today? >> let me just make it clear, ali. most of the things i've talked about he couldn't do by
5:19 am
executive action. he could do some things on the margin, better information sharing, the states, for instance, have a lot of information on mental health and criminal records and that doesn't get into the national data base. he can do some things to try to improve that, or improve enforcement. the n.r.a. said let's enforce the laws already on the books. in terms of banning assault weapons or universal background checks, he couldn't do that by executive action. so, what he can do by himself is on the margins. >> mike: chris, who is on the show today? >> we'll be talking-- you talked of the american center for progress. we'll talk to the head of that and larry pratt of gun owners of america and a discussion between them. and it's very interesting, all right, let me tell that first and go back. we're also going to be talking about the president's confirmation takes on national security and we're going to talk to two members of the senate armed services
5:20 am
committee and on chuck hagel, kelly ayotte, and richard blumenthal from connecticut. and let me go back, they are talking about, you know, some things they'd like to see happen and try to launch their own campaign. they know the power of the n.r.a., the gun lobby and try to create fund raising and their own support for a big campaign to try to persuade some of the members of congress is a good thing and-- >> a good get. thank you, chris, we'll be watching. >> you bet, thanks. >> tucker: we showed you this yesterday, kate's first portrait, profound thumbs down by some art critics. and how they made it ugly-- >> it's growing on me. >> tucker:. >> alisyn: and babies, when they cry. do you let them cry it out?
5:21 am
let them cry it out. the advice of a new study. a pediatrician to answer whether that's the right strategy. and babies, look how well behaved these babies are. ♪
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
>> oh, good, yummy. it's girl scout cookie time and this year, they're going healthy. the newest flavor, mango cream, a nutritious option, and girl scouts say the cookie fans are looking for a healthier choice. is britney spears planning a big move to sin city. ♪
5:25 am
>> tmz is reporting the pop star is close to inking a huge deal to headline in las vegas and spears could get paid more than 100 million dollars per year. wow, life is looking up for the former x-factor judge who just split with her fiance on thursday. here is ali. >> alisyn: listen up all you parents. you may be tempted to let your baby cry it out next time they wake up at night. it's important for babies to self-sooth in order to start life long good sleeping habits. and joining us is a pediatrician at washingtonville pediatrics in new york and she's going to help us unlock the secret to getting babies to sleep through the night. great to have you here. >> thank you very much. >> alisyn: so many parents struggle with this, whether or not to let them cry it out or go in and suppose today pick them up or smooth them. where do you fall on this debate? >> i'm very much into allowing a baby to fall asleep on their
5:26 am
own. >> alisyn: even if it means they're crying for a long period of time. >> i think the way we do it at my practice, we start very early so we start talking about this when they come in, before the baby is even born. we talk about catching them when they're tired and putting them down before they start to get so upset and crying. and learning to fall asleep on their own and you don't have to deal with this with an eight month old screaming the whole night long. >> alisyn: great suggestion. these babies are well behaved. they're trick babies and make you think they're well behaved. and there's always a debate, i have lots of colleagues right now who are expecting. what's the advantage or disadvantage to a co-sleeper like this? >> well, if there's two different meanings to co-sleeping, that could mean that the baby is sleeping in your room. >> alisyn: yes, in your bed even. >> that's a different meaning in your bed, okay? i don't recommend sleeping in the bed. there is so much evidence that a baby needs a safe sleeping
5:27 am
environment, means a baby and a bed, their own bed, firm mattress, tight set of sheet, that's it. >> alisyn: do you like something like this, it's up next to the parent's bed and pick the baby out. >> fine for the first few weeks, similar to having the crib next to the bed so you can get up in the middle of the night, feed the baby and baby back in the crib. >> alisyn: what is your philosophy on wake and sleep? what should the parents be looking at for cues. >> for wake and sleep? well, there are a lot of people that are proponents of sleep props. sleep props. >> alisyn: pacifiers. >> pacifiers could be one of them, but things like feeding the baby right before they go to bed, swaddling them up, rocking them. walking over like this and putting them down. i think all of those things really don't teach the baby to do the sleeping on their own. so, sleep props i think get in the way and prolong this whole process. >> alisyn: this little guy, oh, oh, what's going on over
5:28 am
here. and here is a question, doctor. pick up or put down. when the baby is fine, pick them up? >> now is not bedtime. >> alisyn: oh, but pick up, if the baby is crying you always pick them up and help them. and he sees his daddy. let's walk over here. >> at this point, yes, absolutely appropriate. >>, but sometimes in the middle of the night the baby might whimper and it doesn't necessarily mean pick-me-up, it might mean i'm tired and let me fall asleep. >> alisyn: do either of these babies have sleeping issues at night? because you did the right thing. >> yes. >> alisyn: what was that. >> cry it out. >> alisyn: how about this guy? a good sleeper. he is a good baby. what's your name? >> andrew. >> alisyn: andrew, you are a good, good baby. >> they're my parents. >> alisyn: and take away for parents, one thing to tell them is what. >> follow your baby's cues, pick an early bedtime between seven or eight. when they're tired put them down and allow them to cry a
5:29 am
little bit. and self-sooth, they will fall asleep. >> alisyn: that's the answer. dr. suzanne, thanks so much and thanks to you guys and the kids. they're great. >> thank you so much. >> alisyn: all right. meanwhile, coming up, a year ago today, the costa concordia crashed on the coast of italy with thousands on board. two survivors share their firsthand account next. plus, a new miss america takes a crown. and we reveal the winner coming up. >> i think so, it will be in great hands. here we go. ladies and gentlemen, miss america is... ♪ my one and only baby, my one and only baby ♪ ♪ be my baby now, whoa, whoa, oh, oh ♪ ♪
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
♪ >> welcome back, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the first official portrait of the duchess of cambridge, many saying it makes her look old and dowdy. >> mike: and our next guest to analyze it for us, matt sweetwood, president of unique photo, a huge operation in huge, right. >> that's correct. >> mike: good to have you here. >> great to be here.
5:33 am
>> mike: it took this portraitist, three and a half months to create of this kate middleton. what do you think of it? >> it's not what i think of it. it's the question of whose portrait it is. >> she likes it. >> we have a lot of portrait photographers in our store and one of the first rules, you ask your subject what they want the portrait to be. she's a historical figure, i'm sure she sees herself like that, she is not a model on vogue magazine and i think of it in the reverse, imagine if they had portrayed her as a 18 or 20-year-old the artist could have done that then we would be talking ow they objectify women and made her a beauty and it's not really what she's about and i'm guessing she's thinking, look, this portrait will be there a long time and a lot of history that goes on for me, i'm going to be ruling a nation or whatever her position will be, and i really want to be remembered for the things that i do, not for the way i look.
5:34 am
and that's what i'm guessing that she did. a lot of people are like that when they want portraits. they don't wan retouched portraits. >> tucker: tn from my perspective, it looks like a photograph and it doesn't look like a conventional oil painting. >> that's the artist's style. i wouldn't want a picture like that done of me, air put on me, things like that, it looks like an untouched photograph like if you look at a photographers work before they have he' actuactually put a pho shop-- >> it looks like an untouched photograph when she's 40 or 35, and not now. and kate apparently asked to be depicted in her national state and not official state, maybe you said for posterity. to be used for generations to come, but she does look older. there are bags under her eyes and she doesn't have the sort
5:35 am
of color to her skin that she has in real life. so, maybe he went overboard. >> it could be, but she has some, i guess, say in what the final product is. if she didn't like it, would have made him redo it. >> i bet we wouldn't have this reaction if it's a man. if they would have done it of charles or william, we wouldn't. she's a pretty woman and we want to see her like a pretty woman like she is now and when it happens, people get upset. >> is there any person on the planet, gay, straight, in between, whatever, who is going to stair at a portrait of a man. >> certainly not me, i'm from jersey. >> alisyn: that says it all. and the president of unique photo in jersey, nice job. >> go out to rick and the weather. >> what about pippa. >> that's what they want to know, pippa. >> rick: gold temps are
5:36 am
uncomfortably and actual air temperature minus 6 in denver and 31 in phoenix. it does not happen often. how about 21 in el paso. that's how cold it is. warmer across the east and also foggy so we have all kinds of fog advisories for about 16 different states. and starting in maine to the mid atlantic, the roads are dangerous at times and headed through some of the mountain passes and the valleys and give yourself plenty of time. and georgia and coastal areas, we're going to see much of the fog throughout the morning. take a look at your forecast through the day. once that mixes up, we'll see the cloudy conditions across the northeast and temperatures are very nice, at 63, you see in akron, enjoy it. tomorrow, back down to the 40's and see the showers slowly move off towards the east and heavier rain across parts of the southeast and actually that kind of middle mississippi river valley in towards ken--
5:37 am
kentucky and tennessee. and 43 for a high today in abilene. and only 1 for a high in grand forks, north dakota. very cold there. 18 in alliance, nebraska, across the west, we'll continue to see more sunshine, but very, very cold temperatures. back to you inside. >> mike: thank you. >> alisyn: okay, let me first tell you your headlines and get to what i know you're dying to do over there. >> mike: chomping. >> alisyn: the news at this hour, on the heels of reviewing national gun safety laws. vice-president biden offered to talk one-on-one with the families of the newtown school shooting, a group called sandy hook promise has been working with the families since the massacre and say they will he' help coordinate any conversation between the families and the vp. the white house says we remain in touch with families from newtown and we'll present an opportunity for all of them to share their views before the president makes any decisions.
5:38 am
well, the italian of-- they're releasing footage. and two passengers shared their incredible story of survival. >> we made it to a life boat and as our life boat was being lowered down to the water, it kept banging into the ship because the ship was leaning over so severely by that point that our life boat couldn't go down. so they hauled it back up to where we started. >> we eventually got off the ship by tying knots on ropes and rappel down the side of the cruise liner. >> alisyn: tonight, a mass will be held in italy for the 32 victims who died. 32 illuminated lanterns released into the sky marking the exact moment that the concordia crashed into a bed of rock. robert f. kennedy, jr. speaking out saying that not all of the president-- not all the kennedys i should say, believe that jfk was
5:39 am
killed by one shooter. during a ceremony in texas honoring his uncle's death and he says his dad did not secretly agree with the findings of the warren commission report. says it was full of problems and also says he's convinced by the evidence that lee harvey oswald did not act alone. all right, meanwhile, your new miss america is in a new york state of mind. >> your new miss america is... miss new york. >> alisyn: i'm still nervous every time i see it. miss new york crowned the winner last night in las vegas. the 23-year-old beat out first runner up miss south carolina and miss oklahoma who came in third. and she's originally from alabama, but moved to brooklyn in 2008. our own miss america, gretchen carlson was there, sharing moments when she won that crown. >> what did your evening gown look like the night you won? >> brook, remember this was
5:40 am
the '80s, everything was big and meant that the gowns weighed about 20 pounds, full of beads, but the most important thing go with your gut and a lot of people said you had to wear white to win, but i wore blue because that's what i felt good in. >> alisyn: check out gretchen carlson in that very blue gown looking good. >> mike: ali, do you read dr. suess' books to your children. >> alisyn: i call him dr. suess. >> and we mispronounce words. >> tucker: can you mispronounce a made up word? >> dr. suess. >> alisyn: and what do we mispronounce. >> i have been saying kibosh. >> alisyn: no, i think kibosh. >> no, kibosh. >> tucker: i think you've been pronouncing it correctly.
5:41 am
>> alisyn: i've been saying kibosh, you were right. >> i'm brilliant. >> alisyn: how do you say boston celtics. >> tucker: celtics. >> alisyn: you say it's boston celtics. >> tucker: no, celtics. >> like the music. i've been saying comptroller, there's a p. >> alisyn: i know and a t, or an m. >> tucker: but they're silent. >> alisyn: you're supposed to say comptroller for controller? >> what about cache? it's a cache. >> tucker: if something has cache. >> alisyn: it needs a t for cache, otherwise cache. banal. >> mike: banal. >> tucker: it's not banal. don't make that mistake. and niche. >> mike: it's niche. >> alisyn: i say niche, is that wrong.
5:42 am
>> tucker: i think it's niche. >> tucker: the truth is english is a language and we're going to define those as we choose. how do you pronounce words. which do you have trouble pronouncing correctly, and have you embarrassed had your self. e-mail and tweet us. >> alisyn: affluent or affluent. >> mike: affluent. >> alisyn: affluent. >> mike: what about advertisement or advertisement. >> tucker: come on. >> alisyn: yeah, come on. >> mike: i said advertisement once and laughed out of the room. >> tucker: unless you're from great britain. >> mike: a liberal tv host probably heard him, calling on the president to ban the bible at inauguration, get rid of it. is that a war on christianity? oh, it's sunday. that means it's time for father jonathan morris. >> tucker: and the oscars are
5:43 am
out. and the biggest snubs. ♪
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> welcome back, everybody. well, pastor chosen to deliver the benediction at president obama's inauguration will no longer take part in the event.
5:46 am
he withdrew after a sermon he gave years and years ago about gay marriage when it surfaced. >> tucker: this caused a firestorm on the left and led some to attack the bible itself. watch this. >> the president, following one of our most assertive traditions in the government that invented separation of church and state will put his hand on this book filled with things he does not believe, filled with things that no one in the united states of america believes, and with his hand on this book, he will recite the oath of office. >> tucker: and get that most absurdist. and father jonathan morris, what do you make of this. the most absurdist? >> most absurdist, no doubt, right after the fact that
5:47 am
there's a wave of intolerance sweeping this country. intolerance of any public expression of god or religion, it's a wave and sweeping this country. >> tucker: where is it coming from? >> certainly interest spokes people, activists who would like to wipe the face of god not only of public conscious. >> alisyn: what he's saying, he doesn't believe that president obama believes every word of the bible. if you don't believe every word and many americans don't. >> because we don't practice all ten commandments take them down from the courtroom. right now it totally makes sense to do what he is suggesting, get rid of the bible, get rid of any prayer in the inauguration, right? we should get, totally take "in god we trust" off the dollar bill. we should absolutely get rid of any expression whatsoever
5:48 am
of religion, if we believe, if we believe that true meaning of separation of church and state means that god stays within the walls of a church. and that's what these activists are doing. we should also take the mention of god out of our constitution, in god we trust, really? >> well, this guy is not going to be happy, the president is going to double down, he's going to have two bibles, one from abraham lincoln and martin luther king. >> well done, but as i said in god we trust, one nation under god out of our constitution, and get rid of it altogether and if you believe what these activists believe, that is that this is bad for our country. but you know, with the president doing the two bibles, mike, i think it's a wonderful thing he's doing it, but if you take the bibles and rip the pages out of them and that's what we're doing in our culture, we still believe in the bible, but nothing that's said within it. it's like a tabernacle with no
5:49 am
eucharist, like a church without pews. worship without any liturgy whatsoever and that's what we're doing, we're emptying all of these good things of their meaning and when we do, when we empty them, that topples and-- >> and when you remove god from the equation, again the church is, i mean, rather the state is the final north on everything. there's no appeal beyond the government. and that's what some people want. >> and our founders of our country and the great tradition of the united states has always been-- >> and others in the constitution they have to use the bible. in fact, george washington at the inauguration, let's just use the bible. >> one president chose not to, teddy roosevelt way back in the the day. >> it's allowing our politicians to be who they are. and thank god president obama is deciding. instead of doing anything that
5:50 am
anybody doesn't agree with. >> alisyn: thank you, father jonathan. and next on the president's immigration reform, and does that mean amnesty for illegal aliens. a live report from washington. >> tucker: awards season is in full swing. oscar snubs and surprises, both coming up. ♪ ♪
5:51 am
so, we all set? i've got two tickets to paradise! pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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5:53 am
>> awards season is in full swing with the golden globes set to take place tonight. all abuzz about the oscar
5:54 am
nominations and snubs and surprises this week. >> mike: joining us for the oscar roundup. kevin mccarthy, this was a bad year for nominees, and first i thought of was ben affleck in argo. >> the worst decision i've he seen from the academy since 1999 when they gave "shakespeare in love" best picture over "saving private ryan." ben affleck has one of the best films, the airline, smooth as silk according to tony mendez, he's a brilliant director and snubbed beyond belief by the acadeacademy. >> alisyn: why did they snub him? >> they are out of touch. i don't know what they're thinking, but i was at the critics choice awards and i'm
5:55 am
a voting member and voted for ben affleck for best director and surprised and made a funny joke about the oscar snub, here is the video. check this out. >> i would like to thank the acade academy-- i'm kidding, i'm kidding. this is the one that counts. >> there you go. very gracious. >> and the critics awarded him. >> yeah. >> and that was the worst snub i've seen in years and moving on, tom hooper for "les mis." i mean, those actors sang live for 12 hours a day, we had an intimate experience how could you not nominate that. nine best pictures. you have to have nine best directors. the films did not direct themselves. unbelievable. and katherine bigelow, this amazing film, "zero dark thirty," the last 40 minutes
5:56 am
of that movie are some of the most intensive' seen in years. she took a ten-year story and compacted it to two and a half hours and gave us an incredibly emotional journey of jessica chastain's acting. by the way, what this does now, now that those three are out of the picture we're left with frontrunners, lincoln, versus silver linings play book. and interesting about "lincoln", a steven spielberg film has never won an academy award with best actor and actress, that will change with daniel day-lewis. and silver lining play book, first since "red", for all categories. >> the roan why the academy liked "lincoln" most of them actually knew them. >> exactly. >> that's a line and i stole it. >> they're just so out of touch. >> tucker: what about leonardo dicaprio. >> alisyn: did he deserve
5:57 am
something. >> he's nominated three times. they're going to give him the martin scorcese effect. and let him win later on in his career for a film that's not deserving. and martin scorcese, why didn't he win for taxi driver. and gary oldman, tinker tailor, soldier spice. and javier bardem, a bond actor has not been nominated. tommy lee jones and alan arkin weren't as good. and what was your surprise. >> the nomination for the nine-year-old, as well as emanuel ariffa for the 85-year-old. the youngest and oldest actress nominations in the history of the academy many and by the way. emanuel turns 86 the night of
5:58 am
the academy awards, that's cool. >> alisyn: and kevin, thank you. >> thank you so much, guys. >> tucker: people across the country waiting in line to get a flu shot as the outbreak spreads and now a second state declared a health emergency. the latest on the epidemic. >> mike: an overweight woman falls through a sidewalk, and saved by the belly. an unlikely hero. we'll explain after the break.
5:59 am
6:00 am
6:01 am
>> morning everyone. it's sunday january 13th td. i am alisyn camerota. who is really influencing the white house when it comes to gun. it could be a liberal think tank in dc. we will explain that story today. >> coming up on the president's to do list immigration reform. what does that mean exactly? does it mean amnesty for illegals? take a look at his plan. >> a woman's year long challenge. lose some makeup all together. is this a good lesson in vanity or a stunt gone way too far? we report, you decide. >> image this without makeup. >> yikes. >> fox and friends 4th hour on a sunday starts right now. (rooster crowing)
6:02 am
>> i started this morning with -- saw you this morning without makeup you looked exactly the same. >> thank you. >> except you have red hair in real life. >> thank you so much for joining us. mike is sitting in for the vacationing clayton morris. let's talk about the top story that is what can happen on tuesday when the vice president reveals the proposals he comes up with to combat gun violence. we will find out if he was listening to all people at the white house like the nra or is if there is a liberal think tank called center for american progress that actually has had the vice president's ear and they have 13 proposals. >> you know about them. center for american progress. >> it was started by chief of staff for bill clinton. these are not new proposals. a lot of these groups have had these lying around for years waiting for an opportunity to impose them on the country. this is clearly an opening for
6:03 am
them. what's interesting is this contains one of the proposals is universal background checks is term for universal gun regulation. it will no longer be illegal if congress passes it for anybody to give a shot gun for his son tore christmas without notifying the federal government and getting a background check and registering the weapon. >> on that note this article in the "washington post" says there's an estimated 40 percent of gun sales that happen no questions asked. >> that is one of those numbers throw around in the media not at all clear where that comes from at all. >> it doesn't say the source but that is a shocking number if that is true. >> it is pretty hard to know something like that because we don't. that's a pure estimate. i bet you 20 bucks. i don't know the answer but i bet you 20 bucks that comes from gun control. >> you have been talking to people in washington, d.c. the recommendations are coming out tuesday is there a point there will be compromise? >> here's where the compromise will come? i think a lot of conservatives
6:04 am
second amendment advocates believes what everyone believes it's a bad idea for mental patients to get firearms who aren't responsible for themselves who are violent and bent on harming others because they are deranged. clearly against gun violence. that's bad thing that shouldn't happen. what kind of law do you craft? how do you preserve the right of decent people to have firearms protect themselves while preventing nut cases from getting there. >> much harder than it sounds. one thing everybody is calling for is stricter mental health background someone is under the care of sort of the doctor or on some sort of prescription medication might be helpful to know. the proof will be in the pudding on tuesday. we will find out who has the most influence when they hopefully make public what the recommendations are. >> i would like to -- i hope we have a conversation about prescription medication on people's behavior. there's some evidence a number
6:05 am
of these shooters in the past couple years were taking antipsychotic medication. did that contribute? i have no idea. worth having that conversation. >> have a big discussion in congress but if you have an executive order the discussion will go away quickly. >> anybody watch janeane's show last night? it goes back to the journal news the newspaper that covers three counties above new york city. they published the names of anybody in the three counties that had a gun. >> so judge jeanine was one of those people. she has it to protect therself from all of the people she she tried to get the answer from the editor and publisher as to why they did that. >> why won't you talk to us? you tell me why you guys released the names of the gun
6:06 am
owners is? >> i am sorry. >> hi, janet. >> as you can see we had the door slammed right in our face. >> she was talking a janet, janet the publisher. >> she is apparently one of the decision makers who stand by that decision to publish the names and addresses as well as the editor karen mcbride. >> so judge janeane did weigh in on this. she crystallizes so many things. here is judge jeanine pirro summing it up. >> you think it's important to out us in the after math of the newtown shooting? how dare you connect law abiding citizens who have gone through rigorous background checks, who have been finger printed investigated and received judicial approval to exercise their second amendment rights. how dare you compare them to a nut job on the lunatic fringe in desperate need of medication,
6:07 am
playing violent video games for days at a time. this animal massacred innocent babies. he didn't have a pistol permit. he didn't go through a rigorous background check to get a pistol permit. he took someone else's gun. by the way, although it's none of your business there's a reason people have guns. we don't need your sank moan why yous sank moan why yous permission. you dare put our familys in danger you pry in our lives and put our privacy and security and our safety in jeopardy and then you have nothing to say? how about i say it for you. you are nothing but a bunch of power unwilling to defend yourselves frozen in fear, you screwed up, period, end of story. >> judge jeanine hit on a lot of points but why can't we have a conversation. if they stand by their position
6:08 am
why can't they come on judge's show. >> they must believe what they are doing is right so come on and explain. >> the media agitates for more gun control that exempts itself. gregory breaks the gun law and all of his friends in the media defend him because he's not a fret but you are mr. and mrs. america you are a threat. president obama setting his sights on the next major overhaul after all of this and that he is immigration system. he plans to give a pass to citizenship reportedly but there are already republican challenge in the works. >> jennifer griffin joins us from dc. hi, jennifer. >> good morning, guys. >> the president vowed to take up immigration reform in one large omnibus bill. marco rubio of florida whose parents were exiled from cuba accuses the president of poisoeo want a current overall of the current immigration laws including last minute laws
6:09 am
issuing work permits and halting deportations prior to the election. in a wide ranging interview in the wall street journal rubio explains why republicans must embrace immigration reform and outlines what he hopes to be his signature plan, quote. i think it's a rhetoric by a handful of voices in the minority but loud none the less that have allowed them to create an unfair perception that conservatives and republicans are anti hispanic and anti immigration. and we have to over come that. i don't think there's a lot of pers concern in this country we will get over run by pac's and entrepreneurs. there are 12 million illegal workers in the u.s. but only 6.5 percent of those came here based on unique education or skills. they wanted visas for unskilled labor but stands behind having employers do background checks. rubio wants four or five laws
6:10 am
passed rather than an omnibus bill that is easily blocked. he wants to make it easier for those with skills engineers and tech savvy immigrants. the president wants a pathway to citizenship for those already here and vowed to help children of illegal immigrants. >> these are young people who study in our schools, play in our neighborhoods, friends with our kids. they pledge allegiance to our flag. they are americans in their heart, in their minds, in every single way but one, on paper. >> if the president wants to over hall immigration he will need to convince big labor to get on board. marco rubio sees this as a gateway issue for hispanic voters which could lead to some migration to the republican party if successful. 70 percent of the 12 and a half million latino voters cast votes for the president in the last election. >> thanks.
6:11 am
>> let's get to the headlines right now. if you are just waking up good news for many new yorkers who were wanting the vaccine to vaccinate their kids during the flu outbreak. governor cuomo declared a flu emergency. many people looking to get the vaccine have been met with long lines like those you just saw as they scramble to get the shot and there has been a shortage nationwide as well. egyptian president must be reck gra mubarek granted an appeal by the courts. this is a video of the people celebrating. it was to prevent the killing of hundreds of protestors. their death came during rallies that toppled his regime nearly two years ago. no date has been set for the 84-year-old retrial. a spokesman for the 41st president said he could be
6:12 am
released from a houston hospital this week. president bush's son jeb was even more optimistic saying he thinks his father will go home tomorrow. he was admitted for a bronchitis related cough. >> a 400 pound women says her size saved her life in new york city. this is yolanda williams. she was waiting for the bus friday night when the sidewalk collapsed under her. she fell 6 feet into a building cellar broke her arm in two places. they had to use a crane and cargo net to get her out. the fall was severe enough a thinner woman could have died. >> like a super model could have broken in half. >> that happens. the gun debate rages on in washington, d.c. joe biden as you know meeting with video game makers the other day. but are violent games to blame for violence in our society. we asked a west point psychology professor. that should be interesting.
6:13 am
>> newly single brad de cooper revealing who he is taking for his date. >> wait, he's single? how did i miss that? >> he and zoe broke up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing e all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. hamburger helper can help you back. and with box tops for education on every box, it helps you help your school. so you're doing good, just by making dinner. hamburger helper. available at walmart.
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6:16 am
>> top is the grim one month anniversary of the massacre in knewtown, connecticut. the president is getting ready to unveil the gun violence prevention proposals. >> i come to this meeting with no judgment. you all know the judgments other people have made.
6:17 am
and i think we had a very productive meeting yesterday with the film industry and they had some very constructive ideas as to how they could help. >> our next guest says surprised the move the obama administration made a former west point psychology professor the author of "on killing kernel" the vice president is approaching his meeting with hollywood entertainment people with no judgment. that's not how he approached the nra. >> in july the year 2000 both houses of congress a joint statement was made by the american medical association, american psychological association and american academy of pediatrics 30 years of research. a thousand scholars have proven media violence causes violence in our society. they said violent video games
6:18 am
are particularly dangerous. >> we have that statement. it bears repeating. they said specifically preliminary studies indicate the negative impact of electronic media such as violent video games may be significantly more severe than that brought by television, movies or music. this is the factor. the video game generation jonesboro high school, virginia tech in the college is now coming to kill our kids. this ain't the end of it. they are coming to the daycare centers and elementary schools and school buses. we have raised a generation of children taught to kill. they are going to get their 15 minutes of fame. it's my job to teach cops to kill and concealed permit holders to kill. i have a best selling video series for concealed weapons holders to be mentally prepared for the battlefield the same thing is being done to children
6:19 am
without the training. >> when you train them to kill how dowdy sense ties them? do you use video games? >> the simulators are widely used. every law enforcement officer trains in a realistic simulator. they hold a realistic gun in their head. when the bad guy needs to be shot they shoot. it's conditioned response. precognitive loading. you don't have to think. if a bad guy says i am going to shoot without conscious thought what we do with the video games since they are five years old they play grand theft auto practice blowing cop as heads off. it is conditioning it is classical conditioning. they are taught to associate reward like pavlov's dog. they are taught to associate rewards with inflicting death and suffering. >> if everything you are saying makes sense completely what do we do now? we established i guess i didn't know until this moment these video games to precipitate
6:20 am
violence and cause violence, what do we do? >> we have to treat violent visual imagery like alcohol or tobacco or firearms or automobiles or sex. these are all things adults can have but kids can't. anybody who tries to inflict sex on my grandchildren is an abomination. anybody who tries to inflict alcohol or tobacco on my children are an abomination. anybody who tries to inflict violent imagery on children is an abomination. especially the violent video games should be treated just like alcohol or tobacco or automobiles or firearms. >> or pornography for that matter. >> yes. exactly right. it is violent porn nothinograpp. >> you always make a xheling argument. see what happens on tuesday. it is now revealed a football player a famous one who took his own life may have had a brain disease caused by hits to the head.
6:21 am
is anything being done by head injuries in sports. what does this mean this emerging science for the future of football. >> from hgtv to dancing robots we are tolling showing you the top gadgets from the consumer electronics show. [ dad ] find it? ya. alright, anher one just like that. right in the old bucket. good toss! see that's much better! that was good. you had your shoulder pointed, you kept your eyes on your target. let's do it again -- watch me. just like that one... male announcer ] the durability of the volkswagenassat. pass down something he will be grateful for. that's the power of german engineering. ♪ back to you.
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6:24 am
>> well, it was gadgets galore in las vegas for the annual consumer electronics show. clayton was out there in the end with 20,000 new products were unveiled and it was a party. here to show us some of the
6:25 am
highlights tech expert katie a spokesperson for retail me hello. >> start with the tv's. gigantic 84 inch tv's that were four times more clear than other tv's. >> every year there's an unofficial theme. this year it was all about 4 k tv's four times the resolution of the 1080 tv's most of us have in our home. it was nice to see bright brill can yapt colors. they came with face recognition technology, voice recognition technology. you could talk to the tv to have it change channels. >> you never have to leave the couch. >> go, change channels. espn. fox news channel. it will pop on. you waive your hand on. >> from panasonic to sony to lg everybody was touting their tv's. >> 20,000 there was a smart
6:26 am
fork. >> in a world of 20,000 products how do you stand out? nothing got more press than the intelligent fork from happy lab. it monitors how much you shovel food in your mouth. if you are going too fast it will light up. if will also vibrate in your mouth. crazy, ridiculous. nothing got more attention than the hapi fork. >> i work for a morning show in philadelphia on fox we are constantly talking about our concern for athletes in high school playing football or hockey or whatever. there's a concussion monitor which i think could be a huge break through, folks. >> the big buzz word is concussion rightfully so. x2 bio systems created this patch university of washington university of michigan. you put this behind your ear it monitors hits in real time. what is amazing about that is say you have a player on the field they get hit with high
6:27 am
impact it will send the data to a coach or clinician on the field. data doesn't lie. off the field was too hard. >> you know not going to the locker room with a finger eye test. >> it's too late. do this now. >> that's on the market now? >> it's tested by university of houston and washington. they are using it in full practices and full games. >> this i love. it's a 360 camera. let's say you are snow skiing or whatever. >> this is the first of the kind made for action sports. it is a mountable three different cameras on here. it will give you a whole entire perspective. what you sees you cannot just watch the video you can interact with it as you can see on the ipad. how cool is it to be out on the slopes and not just see one flat perspective but to get the full perspective 360 degrees. this will be out later this year. i think it will be huge. >> i would like to wear this on
6:28 am
a date. >> i think you should wear it right now. >> hi, how are you? >> robots. >> big deal at this year's show. >> huge at the show this year. you should see the booth at kozi. as you can see we are jamming. so 45 bucks coming out later this year. it will dance. here is the hot one. this is the m robo. you can choreograph it with your own dance moves. how awesome is this? kind of a show stopper. >> he is speechless. he is speechless. >> katie, can you do the robot? >> not like that. >> the robot is doing the robot. >> that's the irony. >> how much fun. consumer electronic show in las vegas. good to see you.
6:29 am
>> woke me up. today marks one year since the costa concordia crash with thousands on board. we will hear first hand from two people who were on the ship and how they survived. a woman's year long challenge to lose the makeup. we will tell you how it went. it is a good lesson in vanity or is it just a stunt that went too far? we report you decide. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
6:30 am
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6:31 am
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6:33 am
>> your news miss ameri-- your miss america is... miss new york. >> apparently she didn't think she should have won she was so shocked. >> miss new york crowned miss america last night. the 23-year-old beat out miss carolina who the camera thankfully panned away from now. and miss oklahoma who came in third. >> all of the pretty girls are from alabama. >> she move to do brooklyn in 2008. she is the 4th miss america from new york. the last winner from that stage,
6:34 am
singer vanessa williams. >> she is done well hasn't she. >> there was scandal. >> there was photos. blocked that out of my mind. i have pictures up in my office. no. it's fine. >> let's talk about the experiment that is the anti judy experiment. for one year she decided to forego all beauty treatments and beauty products. >> no makeup? >> she did away with all new clothes. didn't buy a single thing of new clothes. she didn't get a salon haircut. she went to her husband's bash he shall for haircuts. she didn't wear any jewelry or nail polish. >> it was a study in vanity she says. it did change her. she said this. i noticed a change in my innervous. she had become softer and less judgmental that innervous of me and the women around me. bad hair days meant nothing to me. face without makeup, said face not a hideous problem.
6:35 am
>> made her less judgmental than the women around here. i am for it. this is a great problem in any society of women judging one another on their appearance. >> in a hard way. >> she was cute to begin with. the one time i took a picture of alley one time without makeup. here she is. >> i do look good there. >> i think she looks cute. >> that's not me fully but it is scary. you do become a little addicted to your hair products and your hair color and your tanning, self tanning all that stuff. i admire her. james said i think many men like the natural look. makeup makes women look fake kind of false advertising. you wake up the next morning men are like, wow. how are you and what did you do with my girlfriend? >> it is kind of hard to disagree with that actually.
6:36 am
>> i am one of those rare women who never wore makeup. image the money i have saved over my lifetime. bonnie lives in northern new england. i am on your side. >> my wife never wears makeup or has her hair done professionally. i am happy with her beauty. >> thanks, john. >> these are all wonderful things. >> okay. (laughter) >> let's go to rick outside. >> i think this is good. you should try more of these experiments. >> i like it. i like it. >> you not going to want to put on anything other than a lot of clothes. take a look at the maps. today's highs across the areas southwest. very cold. still in the 40s in phoenix. it cannot happen where you have a few days in a row where your high temperatures are only in the 40s.
6:37 am
move forward look what happens tonight. the temperatures really plummet again. everybody i have been hearing on twitter p and facebook are saying it's the coldest they have ever experienced. get ready you have two or three nights of cold temperatures. it's wednesday when we start to see a turnaround. look at what it is like across the rest of the country. cold aur across the rockies. a couple hours ago 63 at cleveland now you are at 48. changing the temperatures very quickly. move forward you can see that pink color there. that is brutally cold arctic air across canada. move forward we see by tuesday things warm up a tiny bit across parts of the west. go toward thursday that pink gets much closer toward the great lakes and toward the northeast. i think over the next two weeks we will deal with a couple of
6:38 am
bouts of the air getting in towards great lakes an the northeast. get ready. winter is going to return by the time we get to around thursday for many people across the northeast it will be a big slap in the face. forecast quickly across the northeast. a nice one for the most part. little bit of cloud cover. we will see temperatures in to the 50s and a little bit of fog as well. down toward the southeast a nice day again in florida. we will have the rainshowers heavy at times and flooding in the mississippi river valley. cold in oklahoma only 35 in oklahoma city. into the northern plains getting into the single digits across much of the dakotas. 20 north plat 20 in kansas city. clear but cold almost everybody. tonight for the golden globes there won't be any of the gowns lots of makeup and probably lots of coats. >> we don't like that. >> thanks so much, rick.
6:39 am
get to the headlines right now. we have a look right now at the streets of paris, france. hundreds of thousands of people legal liedzing same-sex marriage. police are expecting hundreds of thousan -- thousands of people to march toward the eiffel tower closing subway stations for hourses. the largest demonstration in france in decades. >> a man is in critical condition after he was shot down by a policeman inside of a movie theater. the man was reportedly fighting with his girlfriend at a mall and threatened her with a gun. he ducked into the theater to hide so the police shut down the movie and confronted the suspect inside. >> they checked the back door but it was locked. they didn't talk to us. i knew that wasn't a good sign. all of a sudden i heard two shots, i went to the floor and went out at the back of the theater. we saw police running around.
6:40 am
>> that's terrifying. police say the man grabbed his gun when they confronted him and the officer shot him. he is expected to survive. no one else was injured. the italian cote guard releasing brand new video from the costa concordia disaster. it was one year ago today. the terrifying moment the ship rolled over on its side. >> we heard kind of a soft dull sound coming from behind us. then the whole room started leaning over to the side. wine glasses wine bottles fell off the table, the tv started sliding off the cabinets. >> what did you think was hap sng>> i asked maybe it's a really big wave. he said, i don't think so. >> the newlyweds made it to the life boat because the ship was leaning over so severely the boat was banging og into the ship they could not get down on it. they got off by tieing not on
6:41 am
ropes and repelling down the side of the cruise liner. >> let's talk nfl playoffs. the ravens broncos game, what a fantastic finish. it will be an instant classic. what an ending. down 7 with under a minute to go. ravens quarterback hits jones with a 70 yard hail mary to tie the score. they go into over time. in over time payton manning forces this pass intercepted by baltimore. 6 plays later no you in double over time the ravens pick a game winning 47 yard field goal. here goes. goes through. denver is stunned. 38-35. then san francisco 49ers qb led them to a 35-41 victory over the green bay packers. the quarterback having a great year. rushed himself for 181 yards and two touchdowns. two more games today. >> those are your headlines in
6:42 am
sports. >> wow. speaking of football at least one legendary linebacker had a brain disease caused by too many hits to the head. is that what led to his suicide? the nation's top concussion expert the former football play ir joining us next. >> what month is the next month to buy luggage. it may not be what you think. [ male annocer ] says the all-new nissan altima is a better car than camry. to argue would be rude. nissan altima. with moving-object detection. lease now. just $199 per month. visit road and track called sentra an economy car minus the look and feel of an economy car. wonder how civic and corolla look and feel about that. the all-new nissan sentra, with best-in-class mpg. lease for $169 per month.
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hit in the head thousands of times you will have something wrong. what that brain damage comes whether it starts this progressive degenerative process like it did in junior seau. the fact is in boston university we started to bring over 34 former nfl players and all but one had this disease. this is pretty widespread if you
6:47 am
played a lot of contact sports. >> chris you have uniyour own experience with this you got concussions whether you wen you football player. one ended your career. what was your experience with this. >> yeah, summer of 2003 wrestling for wwe i got kicked in the head. i didn't think it was a big deal even though i blacked out and forgot what we were doing. for five weeks i wrestled through severe headaches got so bad i had to retire. for five years i had severe postconcussion syndrome. today i am not the guy i was and i don't know if i will be dealing with cte in the future. i know it's not unlikely. >> it's terrifying. >> ers hasn't the staptement frm the nfl. the finding under scores the recognized need for additional research to somebodying sell rate the full understanding of cte. they committed a $30 million research grant to the nih. we have work to do and we are doing it. do you think the nfl is doing the work necessary?
6:48 am
>> they are dramatically lower than it was a few years ago. we were in a fight whether it actually existed and was a real disease. now with an admission it is real and funding to the nh foundation we were in bethesda meeting how to figure out how to best attack this disease we have the best minds in the country considering something so important. pte is completely preventable. you don't get hit had the head up won't get this devastating disease. especially with so many children playing contact sports. >> football is a contact sport. for adults what's the solution? chances are you are going to get hit in the head. >> correct. conform -- informed consent. if you get hit in the head you might have bad outcomes. you are allowed to do dangerous jobs as long as you know you have informed consent like
6:49 am
policemen like military. if you are under 18 years old you can't give informed consent and knowing the sgam just as dangerous if not more dangerous for children what do we do about youth football? >> you said 33 of the 34 brain studies showed signs of profound brain damage. this looks like a looming bankruptcy to the nfl for me. would you invest in a company that has that kind of looming liability? >> that is not for me to say. thousands of former players suing the nfl there are a lot of former players dealing with a lot of long-term issues. remains to be seen what will happen there. >> what do you think will be the future of football? does this change the future of this work? >> i think it changes how we play it. if we play it more safely going forward. i don't think we have to worry about the nfl going away. with the idea of informed consent they have the nfl
6:50 am
players to negotiate the safety. this will dramatically change youth football. if we know the nfl is so dangerous and we have to pay the millions of dollars exposed to this danger how are we doing this for children for free bh when he don't give them athletic trainer on the side lines to diagnose the injuries this he get. i am looking forward to freerm that go. >> you are a former football player and wrestler. thank you for sharing your experience with us. >> in the market for a new mattress? it turns out you probably didn't know this, a particular month that is best to buy it. we have the secrets of that and many other products. >> sandra commit is here with your 2013 bargain calendar. come on in sandra. >> [ale announcer ] staples is the number-one
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>> an ohio school district is being praiseed by the community after standing up for a pore frat of jesus that hangs in the halls of the middle school. an atheist group threatened to sue them but the superintendent said it is staying up. newly single bradley cooper announced who will be on his arm when he goes to the oscars. it's his mom. s he says when he first started acting his mom gloria told him if he ever got nominated for the award she wanted to be his date. could he be more perfect? >> he was in philadelphia today. he's from there.
6:55 am
congratulations. we are excited about the oscars for bradley and his family. >> brand new year as you know. it's the 13th yeday of the morn. don't buy yet. there's a specific time of year to get the best deals. we want to save you money. here is sandra smith from fox business network. >> start with winter because we are in winter. what should we be buying today? >> today is different than what you should be buying always. today is home improvement supplies. home depots, lowe's. most people might want to get ready before christmas. now is the best time. most carpeting is 30 percent off. flooring is inexpensive if you want to redo your kitchen, kitchen cabinets are cheap. >> would that expand all of the way to get furniture for the house? >> furniture is a good thing to start looking at late january, early february. start to look at the fact that a lot of furniture new tufurnitur
6:56 am
models come out in january, february. a lot of furniture stores and small alliance -- appliances. they put deep discounts at a time when not a lot of people are shopping microwaves and blenders. >> third week of march spring what do we buy? most of us travel around the christmas holidays and in the summer when kids are off from school. not a lot of us tral in the late march early april period. that's when to go buy your luggage. if you have been putting off the new roller bag head out in the springtime to get new luggage. >> mattress? >> summertime. the new mattresses come out and they sell the older models. most of us hang on to our mattresses for over a decade. these are substantial purchases you might as well get as much bang for your buck. late may early june format
6:57 am
tresses. >> spring hit me in the back. i need a mattress. i heard it's almost the end of the year i better buy a car. >> september is the time to go out. a lot of people want to wait for christmas. start thinking about it earlier this year. september is when a lot of the 2014 models will start to roll out. these cars they need to get off the lot. they need to make room. >> what about september? >> that's right. >> we will see you on fox business network. fox and friends in two minutes. [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watcng. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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